Cold War Kids Deliver Some Fun Rock In "LA Divine"

The Cold War Kids have been around for more than a decade now, so they know how to bring out some rock tunes. They've based their career around an indie and alternative sound that grew into something groovy and anthem. Cold War Kids deliver some fun rock in LA Divine, their sixth record.

LA Divine kicks off strong with 'Love Is Mystical,' a rocking track with some swagger to it. It drifts along knowingly and confidently, its upbeat vibe really bringing the momentum of the record to a fast start. This album really generates a lot of its energy from key tracks that trigger a lot of drive; and example of this is 'Ordinary Love' at the end of the record. Many tracks in the core of it feel like they lack something to carry them, but 'Ordinary Love' brings back the drive with a great, refreshed sound to bring the album to a good end.

The slowburning tracks on this album work well on this record in the sense that they don't destroy the tone or flow of it. It kicks off with 'Restless' that has a sweeter and slower vibe compared to the more energetic, rocky tracks before it. It still has a sense of continuation that doesn't make it a drag in the tracklist. Closing track 'Free To Breathe' also has a slowburning vibe to it which isn't horrible, but it does feel like it ends the record on a somewhat inconsequential note based on the rest of the mood and tone of the record.

LA Divine isn't a bad record, but a lot of it feels like it could use more. There's great ideas on it, like the almost southern rock sound of 'Luck Down' and the soulful attitude of 'Open Up The Heavens,' but some ideas simply do not generate enough energy or feel like they're developed enough. Every track has a punch of its own that its purpose and keeps it going, but few things stand out as invigorating.

Cold War Kids deliver some fun rock in LA Divine, though not a lot of it really has much of a lasting remark. Every track has a purpose and stands its ground, but there aren't too many memorable moments that you'll be coming back to. It's a good record to rock to, but not one to come back to too often.

Favorite Tracks: Love Is Mystifying, Ordinary Idols

Least Favorite Track: Wilshire Protest

Rating: 70 / 100

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