Ty Dolla $ign Sticks With One Vibe In "Beach House 3"

Ty Dolla $ign manages to show up on nearly every popular hip-hop album you hear nowadays, so it's clear he's been doing something right. It doesn't seem like he follows through with that on his own material, though. Ty Dolla $ign sticks with one vibe in Beach House 3, really beating the one sound to death.

Beach House 3 starts with a lot of promise. 'Famous' introduces the album with great vibes, it's chill and thoughtful guitar accentuating Ty's laidback delivery. The vibe really puts a sweet outlook on the album, but it's quickly squandered. The next few songs from 'Famous Lies' onwards move by pretty smoothly with their relaxed atmospheres, but it really just comes to be too much.

Adopting a vibe for a record isn't wrong. Recycling the same sound and idea for fifty minutes is. There are very few moments that really step away from the album's laidback atmosphere, which quickly makes it very stale and uninspired. Even the songs with several guests don't do much to say for themselves. When Future isn't the problem with a track with me, you know something's up. There are a few solid moments, including Lauren Jauregui's vocals on 'In Your Phone,' but for the most part, nothing really stands out or even sounds remotely invigorating.

Ty Dolla $ign sticks with one vibe in Beach House 3, refusing to change the sound up which results in a horribly dull and lazy record. One overarching vibe is fine, but one idea beaten to death just doesn't have the same effect.

Favorite Track: Famous

Least Favorite Track: Droptop In The Rain

Rating: 57 / 100

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