Frank Iero & The Patience Give An Inside Look On "Keep The Coffins Coming"

It's been a winding road for Frank Iero & The Patience lately. While promoting their sophomore album Parachutes last year, the band got into a car accident on tour in Australia, having to cancel the rest of their tour dates in 2016 due to the incident. The band kept in good spirits, however, and now, Frank Iero & The Patience given an inside look on Keep The Coffins Coming, an EP that takes a dive into the band's process.

Keep The Coffins Coming features four tracks taken from sessions in between their debut record and their sophomore record, providing a bridge between the two. While rough around the edges, the EP shows some of the band's more creative ventures, definitely providing a nice blend of their two albums. Opening track 'I'm A Mess' brings the EP in with an anthemic presence equivalent to Green Day, punchy riffs and rebellious delivery providing for a bombastic introduction.

The best thing you can do in an unfortunate situation is keep a straight face. The EP is an ode to the band's resilience, showing that even in times of uncertainty they'll keep pushing ahead. They even call themselves "Frank Iero & The Patients" on the cover, joking about their Australian incident. Keep The Coffins Coming is pretty varied for this reason, showing the dichotomy of uncertainty. You have the big and almost violent 'No Fun Club' and the dramatic, upbeat ending 'You Are My Sunshine' back to back, perfectly showcasing that there is not one direction to finding an answer.

Frank Iero & The Patience give an inside look on Keep The Coffins Coming, bridging the gap between their two records and and providing an important message: to reach an end, you have to go through uncertain periods. They'll take you a lot of places, but in the end you'll wind up where you need to be.

Favorite Track: No Fun Club

Least Favorite Track: I'm A Mess

Rating: 77 / 100