Kacy Hill Delivers Empowering LP "Like A Woman"

With Wonder Woman exploding in the box offices and the constant battle for equality forges ahead, it becomes increasingly clear that being a woman is pretty damn awesome. Being a woman has never made someone so powerful ever before in history. Kacy Hill agrees, and her debut full length album tells a powerful story. Kacy Hill delivers an empowering debut LP called Like A Woman that really shows every aspect of what it is to be a woman.

Kacy Hill isn't afraid to be loud and proud. Her modeling career reveals her very confident stance as a woman, and her music supports that. Much of the album deals with the emotions one feels in the aftermath of a relationship. On songs like lead single 'Lion,' Hill hauntingly chants "You woke the lion" during the choruses, saying that instead of someone destroying her, they only made her stronger. In her pain she found power. Closing track 'Am I' is even more stronger, claiming her power comes from just the very fact that she was born from the womb of a woman. Above the theatric orchestra and dramatic atmosphere, 'Am I' brings the album to a huge and powerful ending, confidently claiming: women are a symbol of power.

Like A Woman doesn't step away from human vulnerability, though. Much of the first half discusses the early stages of a breakup, 'Like A Woman' opening the album with a very good representation of how vulnerable a person can be in the wake of a breakup. 'Cruel' later follows up with an acknowledgement that things will come hard for Hill, her own heart's problems with love affecting her future. The anthemic 'Hard To Love' continues with another realization that things may not be the same as time goes on.

Instrumentally, this album is stunning. When orchestras enter the equation in tracks like 'First Time,' the album reaches a true new level of emotion. The simplicity of 'Cruel' and 'Like A Woman' leave a lot of room for the vocals to take lead and let the story be told entirely through the words. The Massive Attack delivery of 'Clarity' also makes it a very memorable moment on the record, its beautiful atmosphere resonating deeply. 

Kacy Hill delivers an empowering message to women in Like A Woman. Love can make a person vulnerable, and even when you feel like the future has no hope for you, Kacy Hill reminds you that you can turn your pain to power, regardless of gender. But if you're a woman, remember that you have the upper hand in this one. You are powerful.

Favorite Tracks: Am I, Hard To Love, Lion, First Time

Least Favorite Track: Keep Me Sane

Rating: 83 / 100

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