Logic Over Extends Himself In "Everybody" But Shares A Powerful Message

Since Eminem is on a hiatus, Logic is the new signature white guy in rap. I don't mean to say that in the way of appropriation - he'd get pretty mad, based on this album - but by circumstance. It's just who he is. It's not a bad thing by any means... but Logic over extends himself in Everybody, which is a bad thing.

Everybody is an album about unity. Of all the things it is, you certainly have to admire its purpose. It's entire purpose and blood is rooted in civil liberties, discussing such themes of the world needing to step out from behind the shield of racist overtones and embrace humanity in songs like 'Black SpiderMan.' The track that really hits the nail on the head here is 'America' with its impressive guest lineup including Black ThoughtChuck DBig Lenbo and No ID. This song is essentially his take on A Tribe Called Quest's 'We The People...' The song focuses on the state of racism now that it's 2017, and how these standards are just not good enough. The song is lead with strong drive, powerful synths, and unrelenting verses.

The problem with Everybody isn't so much its message but its execution. Logic sounds like he's trying really hard to sound like someone else on a lot of the record. There's a big difference between being influenced and ripping off. Most notably, he sounds like a carbon copy of Kendrick Lamar in 'Confess,' kind of throwing the listener off (not to mention the wasted feature of Killer Mike). The same is true for 'Killing Spree,' though its choruses are their own entities. It just doesn't intrinsically feel like Logic, which detracts from the whole power from the album.

There's lot of other great things going on in Everybody that keeps it afloat. The instrumentals and beats are on point for most of the record, very few songs sounding weak in that regard. The album has some pretty funny skits on it to, which effectively convey a message while still keeping Logic's sense of humor alive. Perhaps the most powerful and reassuring song is '1-800-273-8255.' The song, which is also the number of the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, is a song about suicide, naturally. It's a song inspired by the idea that as an artist, he has the power to change and save a life. It tells the story of someone calling the hotline and the exchange that occurs, with Alessia Cara and Khalid offering their voices to the track to add some more character to it. It's a song that not only carries a strong message but also portrays his genuine character greatly.

Logic over extends himself in Everybody but also keeps things real. It's an album with its mishaps, but its message and character are undeniably strong. Logic is a real guy saying real things that have real meanings that really need to be said. For that, this album and he deserve all the credit in the world.

Favorite Tracks: America, 1-800-273-8255

Least Favorite Track: AfricAryan

Rating: 76 / 100

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