The Deslondes Brings Old Fashioned Country Tones In "Hurry Home"

I'm not a huge fan of country, but I know what good country sounds like. Raw and bluesy is where it shines. The Deslondes brings old fashioned country tones in Hurry Home, though they can't escape the classic stereotypes of the genre.

Country comes in three flavors: girls, guns, and trucks. Thankfully, the latter of the two are left untouched on the record as The Deslondes take a more conservative approach to the album. Most songs deal with home in the least conceited way possible, which is something to be thankful about. 'Many Poor Boy' is a warm and mysterious sounding track that really captures the vintage and warm feel of a good old fashioned country home.

There's a decent amount of fulfilling country music on the record that really does sound focussed. Opening track 'Muddy Water' combines the record's repeating theme of lo-fi delivery with a fuller sound, giving the song a full feel to bring the record to a start with. 'She Better Be Lonely' does the same, its country twang more present than the former, however.

The problem with the record lies in its lo-fi parts. The dichotomy between the well-produced tracks and the tinnier ones just doesn't add anything to the record In reality, it just sounds lazy, as if the record doesn't know whether it wants to be a lo-fi ode to home or a well produced throwback. Then there are songs that just don't add anything to the message or tone of the record, like 'Hurricane Shakedown,' which feels like a lazy track you'd hear a local band play in a rural Tennessee bar.

The Deslondes brings old fashioned country tones in Hurry Home to varying degrees of success. There are moments that so sound acceptable, but for the most part this album sounds like its in conflict with itself about what it wants to be. I'm not a huge fan of country as is, but the music just sounds unfocussed regardless of genre.

Favorite Track: Many Poor Boy

Least Favorite Tracks: Hurricane Shakedown, Nelly

Rating: 60 / 100

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