Briana Marela Breathes An Alternative Vibe In "Call It Love"

The world of alternative pop is one that never gets quite old. That doesn't stop it from getting a bit bland at times. All the same, Briana Marela breathes an alternative vibe in Call It Love, her new album with a repetitive but sweet beat.

The great thing about alternative pop is that you can never really go wrong with it. Call It Love is introduced by 'Be In Love,' opening the record on a very dreamy note. It's a beautiful song, its atmosphere enchanting making you feel like you're floating on a cloud. The only problem this song faces is that its super repetitive. There's no reason the song with 5 different words has to go for four minutes and a half. The same sweetness follows through on 'Give Me Your Love,' though by the same length so does the repetition.

The vibe of the music on Call It Love makes up for the fact that it's pretty repetitive. The highlight of the record for me is 'Quit,' where Marela sounds like the perfect cross between Aurora and Purity Ring. A faraway dark electronica surrounds you as the haunting harmonies create huge space and a mysterious atmosphere envelops you. The song even escapes the repetitive plague this album faces, and really makes Briana Marela sound like more than another run-of-the-mill alternative singer.

Though she gets caught in a cycle or repetitiveness, Briana Marela breathes an alternative vibe in Call It Love. It's hard to go wrong in this genre, and as evidenced here even when you hit a bad mark it's hard to not enjoy what you're listening to. Even in a cycle of repetition, Briana Marela still shows she has a lot of potential for future (more diverse) music.

Favorite Track: Quit

Least Favorite Track: He Knows

Rating: 75 / 100

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