Uncommon Nasa Takes It Old School In "Written At Night"

There are few things like a vintage sound, especially in hip-hop. Many consider the best time of hip-hop to be behind it, and in some ways that is very much true. Uncommon Nasa takes it old school in Written At Night, his new album with a classic twinge.

The most notable aspect about Written At Night is that it is very raw. The lyrics come straight from Uncommon Nasa's rawest thoughts. At the dead of night when the clock strikes midnight, this album comes to fruition. It begins on the vintage sound of 'It's Midnight / Grown Apart,' giving the album its aesthetic. The overarching dark sound plays a big role on the record, continuing straight to end, especially notable in 'Looking Back (It's 3AM).'

There's something very vulnerable about this record. In the earliest hours of the day is when some of the purest and deepest thoughts can come out. That's a big part of Written At Night, and you can really feel the exposed nature of the music. Unfortunately there are a few production choices that prevent this album from really rising up. There are a few tracks that suffer from weird production choices, such as the cool beat that gets old pretty quickly on 'Small Change (It's 2AM)' and just the generally tinny sound of the album.

Uncommon Nasa takes it old school in Written At Night, and even through it's dragged down by thin production it still really captures the vulnerability of the earliest hours in the day. It's an album to zone out to on those sleepless nights and get all the thoughts in your head churning, hopefully releasing soon all the same. The purest thoughts will come out during the night's youngest hours.

Favorite Track: Looking Back (It's 3AM)

Least Favorite Tracks: God's Aim, It's Midnight / Grown Apart, Small Change (It's 2AM)

Rating: 59 / 100

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