Emptyset's "Borders" Provides Some Thick Electronica

Experimental electronic is an acquired taste, and it's definitely not an easy one to swallow. That's definitely the case for Emptyset's new album Borders.

One thing that can be said about htis record is that it definitely has a dark sense of urgency to it. The big synth wobbles throughout the record really sell the spacey, dark vibe. The intensity is present right from the start with 'Body,' its repetition making it lack true excitement, however. The big, spaceship-esque synths come into play mainly on the second half of the record, 'Axis' kicking off the motif that recurs for the rest of the album.

The essence of experimental music is that it's willing to try something new and avant garde. Something you won't expect and something that will keep your mind intrigued. Borders does none of this. Even if you drop the experimental tag, it's not really an intriguing electronic album either. Emptyset don't provide anything vaguely interesting or new in this record, and instead offers up something less exciting.

Borders provides some thick electronica, but nothing more. It's a pretty bleak and unchallenging electronic album without much of a taste for anything. It's disappointing, to say the least.

Favorite Track: Axis

Least Favorite Tracks: entire rest of the second half.

Rating: 25 / 100

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