Kendrick Lamar Delivers Fiery Verse To Future's 'Mask Off' Remix

Future is having the year of his life, his two albums released earlier this year (HNDRXX and FUTURE) really giving his career new momentum. From FUTURE came the single 'Mask Off,' a song that has gone viral by almost every instance of the word. Kendrick Lamar delivers a fiery verse to the new remix of 'Mask Off,' giving it a new flavor.

'Mask Off' was already an iconic song, but with Kendrick on the track, it goes a step further. The song still maintains many of its key features; the "Percocet, molly Percocets" hook is still ever present in the track, and the sweet flute line remains above the deep bass. Kendrick adds new meaning to the track, however, shifting it from a song about a rags-to-riches growth to a celebration of being at the top.

Entering his verse, Kendrick boasts, "I got a halo / I level up every time God says so," comparing himself to a god as he often did on DAMN. There isn't a word wasted in Kendrick's verse, continuing his allusions to his fame and his likeness to a god, as well as DAMN. with lines "Ten dividends gone grow when I say grow / Kung Fu Kenny with the Midas touch." His tirade never ends, ending his verse on a political note by referencing gang violence and our blindness to it: "You know how many bodies in the street? (how many?) / Take the mask off so you can see."

It's true: anything Kendrick Lamar touches turns to gold. He delivers a fiery verse to Future's 'Mask Off' remix and makes a popular song even more grabbing. You can't mess with Kendrick (though you can probably play with Future a bit before things get going - still hasn't brought me to his good side yet).

Rating: 75 / 100