Quavo & Travis Scott Team Up In The Dark "Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho"

2017 has been the year of collaborative albums in the hip-hop world, and true to nature, the year is going out with one. Quavo and Travis Scott team up in the dark Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho, a moodier side of trap that has its drastic ups and downs.

An important part of Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho are the instrumentals. The album comes with some pretty unique beats, not depending solely on thick bass hits and the redundant hi-hat clicks. The songs aren't absent from those elements, but they are not the sole aspect of the beats, evident right from the start with 'Modern Slavery' and its chill, laidback beat. Title track 'Huncho Jack' also has a killer instrumental, its subtle details providing for a lot of ear candy. 'Saint Laurent Mask' has a shinier beat to it, while closing track 'Best Man' has a beat that progresses throughout the track, changing and morphing to fit to an end that's just right.

Lyrics are another case here, though. For trap fans, it's more or less what you'd expect: lyrics about fame, sex, or living the life of fame. Since there is a lot left to be desired lyrically ("Speed through the light, yeah, power while I drive / Cougar, 45, fucked her 'til she died" in 'How U Feeldoesn't seem to justify Travis Scott's "It's lit" ad-lib...) 'Black & Chinese' seems to try too hard to achieve what it tries to go for, while a lot of repetition brings down a lot of songs. There are a few gems, however including 'Eye 2 Eye' featuring Takeoff, where the flows and tradeoffs are fantastically done.

Quavo & Travis Scott team up in the dark Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho to take the year of collaboration albums out on a high note. It's not perfect, but the record has a lot of great and unique things for an otherwise redundant genre, and provides a lot of hope for 2018. Let's hope the rest of the genre follows suit, and perhaps the new year will have a brighter outlook.

Favorite Tracks: Eye 2 Eye, Huncho Jack

Least Favorite Tracks: How U Feel, Black & Chinese

Rating: 74 / 100

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