Sia Gets Into The Christmas Spirit In "Everyday Is Christmas"

Christmas is still over a month away but some artists are getting into the swing of the holiday season already. Sia gets into the Christmas spirit in Everyday Is Christmas, building up the excitement but sometimes losing sight of the holiday theme.

Everyday Is Christmas is pretty much everything you'd expect from a Christmas record. It's cheerful, welcoming, and fun for everyone. It opens with 'Santa's Coming For Us,' bringing the record to a cute start that's a load of fun. The following tracks keeps the moods going, making things truly sound of the season. Sia even takes a bit of a darker, moodier turn on 'Snowflake.' The dreamy vibe paints a pretty image of a snowy winter night.

It feels like Sia loses sight of the real Christmas vibe as the album goes on, though. The most glaring example is 'Puppies Are Forever,' which truly makes no sense whatsoever. There's the excitement of getting a puppy on Christmas day and seeing kids' faces lighting up. Then there's literally explaining what it's like to get a puppy, and promising that they're not just for Christmas. If that's the case... why is this on a Christmas album? Why does Sia have to tell us "Puppies are forever, not just for Christmas / Cause they're so cute and fluffy with shiny coats / But will you love 'em when they're old and slow" on her Christmas album? 'Ho Ho Ho' stays with the Christmas theme at least, yet it feels a bit too silly for the record.

Sia gets into the Christmas spirit in Everyday Is Christmas, getting a bit out of hand later on in the record but still providing a sweet album for the holidays. It's not quite everything it could be and there are some tracks that really knock it down, but its the first of plenty to come.

Favorite Track: Santa's Coming For Us

Least Favorite Track: Puppies Are Forever

Rating: 66 / 100