Odesza Brings A Beautiful Sound In "A Moment Apart"

There's nothing better than a song you can layback and chill to while it plays in the background. Get an album full of feel good tracks like that, and you have a recipe for success. Odesza brings a beautiful sound in A Moment Apart that will keep you feeling good and even throw some emotions your way.

It's hard to make a sample an effective intro, but the 'Intro' track on this album is done perfectly. The sweet scene plays out intimately between a couple above the ambient sound makes for a very fitting scene to begin the album. It's a sweet exchange and really does set the tone for the album. 'A Moment Apart' beautifully transitions into it when an epic synth and an angelic instrumental to follow it. It's a beautiful track and brings the album's music to a great start.

A Moment Apart is an album that works wonderfully as whole. There aren't many tracks that really work as standalone tracks, but as a whole it's a wonderful album. The sweet lyrics of 'Higher Ground' with Naomi Wild and the warm instrumental makes you feel warm and comfortable on the inside, and that continues in 'Line Of Sight.' 'Just A Memory' will empower you, Regina Spektor singing hopefully above the big instrumental. The song just lifts you up and makes you feel powerful. It ignites a sense of hope in you that you may not even realize you needed.

Odesza brings a beautiful sound in A Moment Apart, bringing warm tones and even hope when you need it. It's a fantastic album that you can turn to for some chill background noise to get some work done or for some hopeful messages when you need them. A solid record all around, and an important one for those who need it.

Favorite Tracks: A Moment Apart, Higher Ground, Just A Memory

Least Favorite Track: Meridian

Rating: 80 / 100

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