Steven Wilson Brings More Great Progressive Sounds In "To The Bone"

There's few people in the world of rock who can put out consistent content like Steven Wilson. If it's not Porcupine Tree he's making some awesome music solo or with another project, and he's continuing his solo career with a strong new record. Steven Wilson brings more great progressive sounds in To The Bone.

Steven Wilson's progressive rock isn't like too many others. It's pop infused, keeping the sound fresh but innovative all the same. It opens with the old-school sound of title track 'To The Bone,' reminding you of the 90s with the sample quality and vibe before transitioning into a sort of western-infused tribal beat song with great vocals from Wilson. 'People Who Eat Darkness' is another somewhat poppy track, though its more aggressive riff gives it some edge.

To The Bone isn't a safe record by any means, though. Wilson isn't exactly the most conventional person out there. He's always looking to push boundaries, and To The Bone isn't any different. There are few other albums that have such a unique sound to it and combine so many types of music. Ninet Tayab offers vocals to songs like 'Pariah' where her timbre adds a lot of color to the record and the quieter 'Blank Tapes.' The haunting sounds of 'Song Of I' with Sophie Hunger lead into the slowly building 'Detonation' with a great guitar solo. The album comes to a pulsing end with 'Song Of Unborn.' Though it takes awhile to get going, the song brings the album to a great end.

Steven Wilson brings more great progressive sounds in To The Bone, continuing to rack his mind for awesome ideas that shouldn't work but do. He's a genius no matter what he tackles, To The Bone being just another example of what he's capable of.

Favorite Tracks: People Who Eat Darkness, Pariah, Refuge, The Same Asylum As Before

Least Favorite Track: Blank Tapes

Rating: 81 / 100

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