Kiiara Changes Her Game Up On 'Wishlist'

2017 has been Kiiara's year, taking off with her single with Linkin Park, 'Heavy,' and following through with more singles including 'Whippin.' Kiiara changes her game up on 'Wishlist,' finally taking a new step with her sound that was on the verge of failing.

There's a lot in 'Wishlist' that really brings Kiiara to a new stage. Beginning dramatically with a loungey-piano, Kiaara's classic reverberating vocal soon kicks in. The song has brilliant production, the pianos and quieter beat pairing with strings to add a new dimension to her music. The new symphonic elements really add a awesome element to her vocals, and her delivery isn't entirely reliant on vocal chops, and she really goes all out with her delivery, especially in the chorus.

Kiiara with atmosphere is the best we've heard of her yet. Her voice really compliments the atmosphere, and she sounds like the female equivalent of The Weeknd. The production style is atmospheric, and even if its unfamiliar to her since she's only dabbled in electronic soundscapes, this is a confident burst into something new. This is a direction that she can really make a lot out of, as it keeps her character while sounding fantastic all the same.

Kiiara changes her game up on 'Wishlist' and really shows her sound isn't something that was meant to be pigeonholed. Her dramatic new sound suits her perfectly, even more than her previous tracks. Let's hope she dabbles more with it, because it's a path destined for great things.

Rating: 87 / 100

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