Jillette Johnson Gets Intimate In "All I Ever See In You Is Me"

A good, sweet indie pop record can never go wrong. Jillette Johnson provides just that, her ner album getting personal in the process of developing her nice sound. Jillette Johnson gets intimate in All I Ever See In You Is Me, telling tales of love and growth above faraway chords.

The record opens warmly on the gentle piano of 'Bunny,' bringing the album to a very personal start. The song tells a sweet story, with imaginative lyrics to really immerse you in the narrative. Other songs are more tantalizing, like 'Flip A Coin,' its active sound moving ahead under Johnson's joyous chorus that shouts "It's fun to play God / It's fun to play the Devil." All I Ever See In You Is Me constantly bounces between telling stories, like in the tragic 'I'm Sorry' where Johnson sings about rejection, and protecting its listener, like in the reassuring 'Throw Out Your Mirror.'

Jillette Johnson really lays her heart out on her sleeve on this record. Some of the stories are incredible personal, like when she's talking about her family in title track 'All I Ever See In You Is Me.' Closing track 'Thumbelina' speaks of a love she can't shake, proclaiming "I'm not gonna let you ruin me for every other man.' The guitar work in 'Love Is Blind' is gorgeous, and they way the drums build perfectly captures the swelling of the emotions in the track. Every word and moment counts on All I Ever See In You Is Me.

Jillette Johnson gets intimate in All I Ever See In You Is Me, giving advice in the form of her life stories. The music is sweet and the tone reassuring, promising in the end that everything works out for the better. It's not the most invigorating album, but it's certainly one that'll make you feel good.

Favorite Tracks: Love Is Blind, Bunny

Least Favorite Track: Holiday

Rating: 76 / 100

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