Do Make Say Think Goes On An Adventure In "Stubborn Persistent Illusions"

Post rock is always an adventure. Canadian rockers Do Make Say Think certainly go on an adventure in Stubborn Persistent Illusions, their new album. Full of great sounds and lovely movements, Do Make Say Think will have you walking alongside them as they travel the world.

Stubborn Persistent Illusions is an album that stays fresh from start to finish, even with its hour-long playtime. It enters on 'War On Torpor,' a mysterious track that brings the record to a big start. Its ambient intro leading into chaotic percussion gives the album a rolling start, the ten minute 'Horripilation' following through. This song manages to do what a lot of longer songs tend not to do: stay interesting. It has a busy atmosphere about it, it's excitement flying by you in a dreamy way, as if you were watching the world unfold in front of your very eyes. 

Beyond the chaos is a pretty chill record. 'd=57vh (As Far As The Eye Can See)' is a really sweet song, the ambience of birds and nature in the background of the joyous guitar painting the warm sun of your as if you were standing in a field. This song is entirely about the small moments in life, the calmer times that may seem forgettable but in reality are our defining moments. 'Shlomo's Son' continues the chill reality with its barren atmosphere, the sounds of its synths almost like that of a train rolling through a frozen tundra. It's a curious track that comes with its own special sound.

It all comes together in 'Return, Return Again' as the sounds of the record return to you for one confident homecoming. After the long journey of the record has concluded, you finally come home, everyone welcoming you warmly as the happiness rushes over you. It's a song that just emits joy in all the right ways, its anthemic and shimmering personality really making you feel important and like you've come a really long way. It's the only proper way to end this record.

When post-rock is in question, it can easily be a hit or miss. The music really has to reflect the message, and that's exactly what happens here. Do Make Say Think goes on an adventure in Stubborn Persistent Illusions and brings you along for the full ride, right up to the iconic comeback. It's an album that you can take with you anywhere and still feel like you're on a new adventure.

Favorite Tracks: Return, Return Again; And Boundless; Horripilation

Least Favorite Track: Shlomo's Son

Rating: 80 / 100

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