Lilac Lungs Delivers Unique Pop Sound In "Eventide"

There's a section of scene alternative rock that features the likes of Icon For Hire where the heavy guitars are accented by angsty female vocals. Now imagine that sound but without heavy guitars. And in place of those guitars, there are synths. There you have Lilac Lungs, who deliver a unique pop sound in Eventide, their debut album.

There's a very interesting sound they have. Perhaps if PVRIS was slightly more scene, this would be their sound. But Lilac Lungs are, for now, the flagbearers for this unique indie pop sound. They bring the dreamy atmosphere of dark pop and provide an alternative delivery from every end in such a way that you have never quite heard before. It becomes evident in the first track 'Welcome To The Fallout' that something interesting is on the horizon. The dark intro of the track quickly leads into an urgent sound, drums rolling and the vocals reverberating with a sort of panicked delivery.

The darker, more anthemic side of Eventide comes off really strongly. 'Us Vs. Ourselves' has a broken tone to it, as if it is has experienced something, and that is evident from every note of the track. It's this foreboding sense that it knows something you don't that really makes the sound fit perfectly. When the pounding synths and drums kick in near the end, it all comes together even more nicely. Closing track 'Young Warrior' brings in more or this idea, though with a more anthemic feeling to it. The pounding, confident feel really takes the album out on a strong note.

Lilac Lungs delivers a unique pop sound in Eventide, but it still has a ways to go. It doesn't feel quite developed enough fully to create many rememberable moments, but the foundations of a very promising sound have been laid. Eventide isn't a perfect record, but it is one that shows a lot of promise.

Favorite Tracks: Us Vs. Ourselves, Young Warrior

Least Favorite Track: Uh-Oh

Rating: 72 / 100

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