Four Tet Explores Your Mind In "New Energy"

As hard as ambient music can be to nail, doing it correctly can make an album unforgettable. Four Tet's electronic and post-rock background helps make his music get to that point. Fort Tet explores your mind in New Energy, his atmospheric new album that'll be taking you places.

New Energy is an album that doesn't stay in one place. Sometimes it just buts you into a state of mind, and not a place in specific. Opening track 'Alap' brings in a peaceful sound to introduce the record, relaxing you before 'Two Thousand and Seventeen' introduces some Indian melodies atop a similarly peaceful background. As the album moves into more themed locations, you really feel yourself lost in the scenery. 'Lush' has a peaceful, jazzy at its core, eventually adding in more spacious elements as it goes. The sound shift transitions nicely into 'Scientists,' the female vocals adding a nice texture to the already smooth sounds. 

Every song on New Energy feels like it has a purpose; even the short transitions. 'Falls 2' is nothing but a single swelling sound, but it has a profound transitional effect that beautifully moves into the optimistic 'You Are Loved.' By the end of the record, a lot of ground has been covered, really hitting some emotional spots. 'Daughter' follows the form of 'Scientists' except with a younger female vocal, making you feel more protective of the voice. 'Gentle Soul' sounds like a calm before the storm, leading into final track 'Planet' that spirals out in a spacious way. As gently as it began, it ends off leaving you back in your own mind much like it started.

Four Tet explores your mind in New Energy, taking you on adventures throughout the world and beyond. Every chord washes over you sweetly, the smooth textures aiding your journey. A good ambient album takes you places in many ways, and Four Tet nails it.

Favorite Tracks: Lush, Scientists

Least Favorite Song: 10 Midi

Rating: 75 / 100

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