dvsn Channel Classic R&B In "Morning After"

There are very few sounds that will excite me in modern hip-hop and R&B. Everything has become pretty stale and there's little that separates artists nowadays. dvsn is a pleasant surprise, their R&B sound having a lot of character in it. dvsn channel classic R&B in Morning After, their sophomore record.

The best part of Morning After is by far its creativity. dvsn hit it out of the park on that end, embodying their smooth and sensual aesthetic in 'Keep Calm' firstly and really moving out from there. 'Don't Choose' largely keeps things regularly chill, but adds an accentuation to its clean production with a sample that takes it out. There's also the chill 'Mood,' its chiming piano chords keeping the mood sweet as various elements come in and out of the track to make it all the better. Title track 'Morning After' takes a more alternative path, even adding some Indian vibes into the beat. There's no end to what this album has in it.

Morning After isn't perfect, but it certainly has its ambitions set straight. From the pounding bass of opening track 'Run Away,' the brilliant vocals and demanding bassline grab you immediately, keeping you locked in for the rest of the record. 'Nuh Time / Tek Time' follows up with a sound that can most easily be described as a more aggressive The Weeknd - and it's fantastic. The duo even takes things down to a rawer form in 'P.O.V.,' where they openly embrace elements of R&B's roots. The album does get someone average towards the end, but still maintains its quality.

dvsn channel classic R&B in Morning After while still maintaining artistic integrity and constantly pushing the boundaries. This is the future of R&B. Every song separates itself and has its own voice. They don't try to meet any standard or even try to build a sound based off one central idea. It's true to the heart and sonically fantastic. The only hope I have is that it catches on.

Favorite Tracks: Run Away, Mood, Morning After

Least Favorite Track: Body Smile

Rating: 83 / 100

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