Immortal Reviews' Favorite Songs Of 2018


1. Mike Shinoda - 'Over Again'

Grief is not a linear process. Some days it may feel like you've moved on, and other days it will hit you in the chest again like it was yesterday. The world mourned Chester Bennington after he died by suicide in July of last year, and many - including us - are still healing. No one had been quite as pained as his family and his bandmates (though there is not really a need for distinction there), especially Mike Shinoda. His Post Traumatic EP follows his path of dealing with grief in the months following Bennington's passing, and at heart of it lies 'Over Again,' a heartbreaking song about having to "say goodbye over and over and over again" as the constant reminders of the past continue to haunt you every day. The song discusses the pressures, the pain, and the reality of what Shinoda faced in those months following, making it a beautiful, cathartic track not only for fans, but for Shinoda himself.

 Mike Shinoda Goes Face To Face With His Demons In  Post Traumatic  EP

Mike Shinoda Goes Face To Face With His Demons In Post Traumatic EP

2. Thirty Seconds To Mars - 'Great Wide Open'

'Great Wide Open' from Thirty Seconds To Mars' new album America could truly be the new national anthem. The album itself captures the essence of society as a whole, and more specifically the chaos of it, but 'Great Wide Open' looks at the moments of beauty we wish to preserve. The song is the sound of standing at the top of a mountain, looking down at the endless landscapes below and the elicits the feeling of wanting to keep that tranquility safe. From the gospel-backed chants of "let it out, let it go / lay down you arms" that sees the bridge explode with power and soul while calling for unity, the song's truly powerful sentiment comes from the more intimate line that ends the chorus, where Jared Leto pleads: "I will save your heart from breaking, won't you stop, please? Set me free."

 Thirty Seconds To Mars Captures The Essence Of Today In  America

Thirty Seconds To Mars Captures The Essence Of Today In America

3. Mike Shinoda - 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore' *

On his journey to best his tragedy and realize his identity after losing Chester, Mike Shinoda delivered a song that truly exemplifies the idea of someone's world falling apart. 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore' is a unique and powerful song, featuring nothing but Mike's tortured vocals and gentle synths, all amounting to a world-crushing feeling as Mike sings some truly pained words: "My inside’s out / my left is right / My upside’s down / my black is white / I hold my breath / and close my eyes / And wait for dawn but there’s no light." The metaphors of the song just add to its torture, but a key part about it elicits some hope. Even in the face of impossibility, Mike sings 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore' in order to come closer to that light that feels just out of reach. The angelic synths in the backgrounds of the chorus give it that heavenly vibe, letting that feeling of hope come across, even in the face of impossibility. 

 Mike Shinoda Takes A Big Step Forward With 'Crossing A Line' and 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore'

Mike Shinoda Takes A Big Step Forward With 'Crossing A Line' and 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore'

4. Fall Out Boy - 'The Last Of The Real Ones'

Fall Out Boy has always known how to deliver an anthem, but none before them have quite hit the mark like 'The Last Of The Real Ones.' The driven piano intro leads into some of Patrick Stump's finest vocal work and a brilliant build throughout the song. Fall Out Boy gets back in touch with what made their pop punk-turned-alternative rock sound so loved in the first place, and with a giant chorus with unforgettable melodies and unwavering desire, 'The Last Of The Real Ones' is undoubtedly one of the band's, and 2018's, biggest anthems. 

 Fall Out Boy Explode With Pop Flair In  MANIA

Fall Out Boy Explode With Pop Flair In MANIA

5. Jonghyun - '우린 봄이 오기 전에 (Before Our Spring)'

Rock music wasn't the only genre that lost its defining figures in 2017. Just as the year came to close and we thought that the world was done taking our heroes from us, Jonghyun of K-Pop band SHINee committed suicide. Before his death, he was recording an album, which became this year's posthumous Poet | Artist. Mostly consisting of jazzy, R&B influenced pop tracks, Jonghyun sounds free from any pressures of the world and genuinely sounds happy. At the end of the album is the heartbreaking 'Before Our Spring,' a track where Jonghyun's voice speaks louder than his words. A longing tale of love sung by a fragile, pained voice where you can truly hear his vulnerability peak through the cracks. It's a hard listen to swallow, and a fitting goodbye for someone who's demons got the best of him. In these final moments, however, you can tell he found a bit of happiness, and that's where the beauty of the music shines through.

 Jonghyun Leaves Behind Sensual  Poet | Artist

Jonghyun Leaves Behind Sensual Poet | Artist

6. Milk & Bone - 'Tmrw.'

That tragic moment where you realize that love is gone and all that's left is loneliness is one of the darkest times any of us can go through. The volta of Milk & Bone's Deception Bay hits right as 'Tmrw.' starts, the empty ambiance of a dusty room making the piano chords reverberate tragically as the somber vocals search for optimism in a dark moment: "Let's see what tomorrow brings." The song captures a specific moment where loneliness takes over love, as if there's nothing left, and takes you back to those fragile times where you may have felt the same way.

 Milk & Bone Beautifully Capture Love and Loneliness In  Deception Bay

Milk & Bone Beautifully Capture Love and Loneliness In Deception Bay

7. Thirty Seconds To Mars - 'Rescue Me'

America is neither wholly global nor intimate, but there are some very personal moments throughout the album where Thirty Seconds To Mars remind us that a lot of the battle lies within ourselves. 'Rescue Me' is the most clear and alarming of those warnings, the electronic rock ballad seeing Jared Leto try to find answers for a tortured past. From the restrained first verse that advises "Whatever you do, don't ever play my game / Too many years being the king of pain," to the pleads of the epic, building pre-chorus where he cries "Rescue me from the demons in my mind / Rescue me from the lovers in my life," Leto's pain and inner turmoil is revealed in its truest colors. The electronic ballad certainly has a lot of pop flair that'll keep listeners coming back, but the lyrics are a solemn reminder that even in times of chaos, the true battles are still in our minds.

 Thirty Seconds To Mars Captures The Essence Of Today In  America

Thirty Seconds To Mars Captures The Essence Of Today In America

8. Fall Out Boy - 'Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea'

While MANIA is largely anthemic and alternative, Fall Out Boy made sure to make a big punch. 'Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea' opens the physical copies of the record, and may just be one of the biggest album openers ever. Giant, pounding synths give the song an industrial touch, Patrick Stump's vocals full of swagger while he stays in top form. The choruses are threatening and badass, maintaining power and the anthemic presence all at once. It's so big that it's going to be impossible for you to forget it.

 Fall Out Boy Explode With Pop Flair In  MANIA

Fall Out Boy Explode With Pop Flair In MANIA

9. Gia Margaret - 'Smoke'

Loneliness is such a diverse and inexplicable feeling that it's really hard to truly capture its essence. Yet, almost effortless though definitely tragically, Gia Margaret manages to capture it with ease throughout her debut record There's Always Glimmer. The most pained effort is 'Smoke,' a deceivingly simple track. Margaret's ghastly, crystalline voice sings with a distinct fragility in it, haunting harmonies backing it as if to mirror the past and the reality she faces. A quiet piano supports the growing harmonies, the track lightly yet powerfully building to capture the ghastly nature of loneliness in one heartbreaking swoop.

  Gia Margaret  Searches For Hope In Innocent   There's Always Glimmer

Gia Margaret Searches For Hope In Innocent There's Always Glimmer

10. Muse - 'Thought Contagion' *

Many Muse fans weren't too happy with their single from last year, 'Dig Down,' including us. They're still moving forward with their singles buildup to their next album expected late this year or early next year, and they've made a big mark with the next one. 'Thought Contagion' brings the best of heavier Muse and poppy Muse together for the first time in a long time, the big riff, whammy guitar solo, and huge gang vocals (no doubt influenced by their summer tour with Thirty Seconds To Mars) all adding up to make one of Muse's most epic singles yet. And don't forget about the song's retro music video, either, complete with an arcade theme and a 'Thriller' dance sequence.

 Muse Brings The Heaviness Into The 80s With 'Thought Contagion'

Muse Brings The Heaviness Into The 80s With 'Thought Contagion'

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  1. Mike Shinoda - 'Over Again'
  2. Thirty Seconds To Mars - 'Great Wide Open'
  3. Mike Shinoda - 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore' *
  4. Fall Out Boy - 'The Last Of The Real Ones'
  5. Jonghyun - 'Before Our Spring'
  6. Milk & Bone - 'Tmrw.'
  7. Thirty Seconds To Mars - 'Rescue Me'
  8. Fall Out Boy - 'Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea'
  9. Gia Margaret - 'Smoke'
  10. Muse - 'Thought Contagion' *
  11. Childish Gambino - 'This Is America' *
  12. CHVRCHES - 'Never Say Die'
  13. Marmozets - 'Habits'
  14. KIDS SEE GHOSTS - '4th Dimension'
  15. Rae Morris - 'Wait For The Rain'
  16. Son Lux - 'Dream State'
  17. Of Mice & Men - 'Sunflower'
  18. Haley Heynderickx - 'The Bug Collector'
  19. The Chainsmokers - 'Sick Boy' *
  20. Stone Temple Pilots - 'Roll Me Under'
  21. TesseracT - 'King'
  22. Halestorm - 'Black Vultures'
  23. BTS - 'Don't Leave Me'
  24. Nas - 'everything'
  25. The Decemberists - 'Rusalka, Rusalka / Wild Rushes'
  26. Hayley Kiyoko - 'Wanna Be Missed'
  27. Jon Hopkins - 'Recovery'
  28. Let's Eat Grandma - 'Falling Into Me'
  29. Panic! At The Disco - 'Roaring 20s'
  30. Ben Howard - 'Nica Libres At Dusk'
  31. Elder Brother - 'I Don't Think It Stops'
  32. Jenn Champion - 'Coming For You'
  33. Pianos Become The Teeth - 'Forever Sound'
  34. Brian Fallon - 'See You On The Other Side'
  35. grandson - 'Overdose'
  36. Bebe Rexha - 'I Got You'
  37. Agua Roja - 'Roses'
  38. Anne-Marie - 'Ciao Adios'
  39. The Neighbourhood - 'Heaven'
  40. A Perfect Circle - 'So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish'
  41. Skeletonwitch - 'Temple Of The Sun'
  42. Imagine Dragons - 'Natural' *
  43. Meg Myers - 'Numb'
  44. Denzel Curry - 'BLACK METAL TERRORIST'
  45. Camila Cabello - 'Consequences'
  46. Lissie - 'Meet Me In The Mystery'
  47. Marian Hill - 'Sideways'
  48. Bishop Briggs - 'Water'
  49. Courtney Barnett - 'Need A Little Time'
  50. Vance Joy - 'Saturday Sun'
  51. The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar - 'Pray For Me'
  52. S. Carey - 'Rose Petals'
  53. Kacey Musgraves - 'Butterflies'
  54. Oceanator - 'Inhuman'
  55. Jack White - 'Over and Over and Over'
  56. J. Cole - 'The Cut Off'
  57. Shawn Mendes - 'In My Blood'
  58. Dave Matthews Band - 'Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)'
  59. Ghost - 'Dance Macabre'
  60. Kanye West - 'I Thought About Killing You'
  61. Animal Flag - 'Void Ripper'
  62. Harakiri For The Sky - 'Heroin Waltz'
  63. The Weeknd - 'Call Out My Name'
  64. The Neighbourhood - 'Softcore'
  65. Soccer Mommy - 'Blossom (Wasting All My Time)'
  66. Pendulum - 'Propane Nightmares' (Grabbitz Remix)
  67. Logic - '44 More'
  68. Kamasi Washington - 'The Space Travelers Lullaby'
  69. Mom Jeans - 'You Can't Eat Cats, Kevin'
  70. Jessica Risker - 'I See You Among The Stars'
  71. Pusha T - 'Santeria'
  72. Years & Years - 'Sanctify'
  73. BTS - 'Airplanes Pt. 2'
  74. cupcakKe - 'Cinammon Toast Crunch'
  75. Chance The Rapper - 'Work Out' *
  76. Alison Wonderland - 'Awake'
  77. 5 Seconds Of Summer - 'More'
  78. Natalie Prass - 'Sisters'
  79. Primordial - 'Where Lie The Gods'
  80. Gorillaz - 'Souk Eye'
  81. Half Waif - 'Back In Brooklyn'
  82. Father John Misty - 'The Songwriter'
  83. The Vaccines - 'Nightclub'
  84. Editors - 'Hallelujah (So Low)'
  85. Dream Wife - 'F.U.U.'
  86. The Atlas Moth - 'The Frozen Crown'
  87. Cœur de Pirate - 'Somnambule'
  88. Wye Oak - 'I Know It's Real'
  89. Jimi Hendrix - 'Send My Love To Linda'
  90. Mount Eerie - 'Distortion'
  91. Post Malone - 'Rockstar'
  92. Justin Timberlake - 'Say Something'
  93. Beyoncé & JAY-Z - 'APESHIT'
  94. A Hawk and A Hacksaw - 'Bayati Maqam'
  95. Underoath - 'Sink With Me'
  96. James Bay - 'Stand Up'
  97. Charlie Puth - 'The Way I Am'
  98. Cardi B - 'Be Careful'
  99. Teyana Taylor - 'Rose In Harlem'
  100. Janelle Monáe - 'Django Jane'
  101. Diplo - 'Color Blind'
  102. Daron Malakian & Scars On Broadway - 'Dictator'
  103. Now, Now - 'Window'
  104. Jonathan Davis - 'Basic Needs'
  105. Iceage - 'Pain Killer'
  106. Vallens - 'Occurred'
  107. ionnalee - 'Gone'
  108. Drake - 'Talk Up'
  109. Jaden Smith - 'B'
  110. Geowulf - 'Don't Talk About You'
  111. Teenage Wrist - 'Dweeb'
  112. Florence + The Machine - '100 Years'
  113. HTRK - 'More To Enjoy'
  114. Kimbra - 'Real Life'
  115. Rhye - 'Sinful'
  116. The Skull Defekts - 'Clean Mind'
  117. Moby - 'The Middle Is Gone'
  118. Jaguwar - 'Slow and Tiny'
  119. Bullet For My Valentine - 'Don't Need You'
  120. Carla Bozulich - 'Sha Sha'
  121. First Aid Kit - 'Fireworks'
  122. Joe Satriani - 'Thunder High On The Mountain'
  123. Christina Aguilera - 'Fall In Line'
  124. RL Grime - 'Reims'
  125. Beach House - 'Drunk In LA' 
  126. Caroline Rose - 'Jeannie Becomes A Mom'
  127. Jessica Says - 'Baby Is A Nihilist'
  128. Porches - 'W Longing'
  129. Sigur Rós - '65º27'29.1"N 15º31'56.0"W'
  130. 6ix9ine - 'CHOCOLATÉ'
  131. Real Friends - 'Stand Steady'
  132. Rise Against - 'Like The Angel'
  133. Mark Pritchard - 'Circle Of Fear'
  134. Happy Rhodes - 'Oh The Drear'
  135. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - 'If You're Going To Break Yourself'
  136. Superorganism - 'Everybody Wants To Be Famous'
  137. YoungBoy Never Broke Again - 'Traumatized'
  138. Susanna - 'The Three Ravens'
  139. Anna von Hausswolff - 'The Mysterious Vanishing Of Electra'
  140. Lord Huron - 'When The Night Is Over'
  141. Rae Sremmurd - 'CLOSE'
  142. Belle & Sebastian - 'Best Friend'
  143. Franz Ferdinand - 'Lazy Boy'
  144. Dana Buoy - 'Twisted Sky'
  145. Godsmack - 'Every Part Of Me'
  146. BØRNS - 'God Save Our Young Blood'
  147. Anna Burch - 'Belle Isle'
  148. Lily Allen - 'Waste'
  149. Deafheaven - 'Honeycomb'
  150. Rick Astley - 'Rise Up'
  151. Wild Pink - 'There Is A Ledger'
  152. PRhyme - 'Era'
  153. Aisha Burns - 'We We Worn'
  154. Pete Yorn & Scarlet Johansson - 'Bad Dreams'
  155. Totally Mild - 'Down Together'
  156. We Are Waves - 'Fugitives'
  157. Between The Buried and Me - 'The Proverbial Bellow'
  158. Shinedown - 'Devil'
  159. Rick van Meijel - 'Fighting The Storm'
  160. MGMT - 'TSLAMP'
  161. Francesca Michielin - 'Scusa Se Non Ho Gli Occhi Azzurri'
  162. Daughtry - 'Just Found Heaven'
  163. Snow Patrol - 'What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get?'
  164. Eisley - 'Always Wrong' (Acoustic)
  165. Jouska - 'Calico'
  166. Suicideyear - 'Said and Done'
  167. A$AP Rocky - 'A$AP Forever REMIX' 
  168. Pusha T - 'The Story Of Adidon' *
  169. Death Grips - 'Streaky'
  170. Swae Lee - 'Guatemala'
  171. Oneohtrix Point Never - 'The Station'
  172. Buck Meek - 'Swan Dive'
  173. Eternal Summers - 'Famous Last Words'
  174. Nine Inch Nails - 'Over and Out'
  175. Wiz Khalifa - 'Rain'
  176. Migos - 'Notice Me'
  177. Bonny Doon - 'I Am Here (I Am Alive)'
  178. Simon Love - 'God Bless The Dick Who Let You Go'
  179. Popcaan - 'Through The Storm'
  180. Tyga - 'Temperature'
  181. Future - 'Wifi Lit'
  182. Dungen & Woods - 'Turn Around'
  183. Kylie Minogue - 'Radio On'
  184. Lykke Li - 'Bad Woman'
  185. Desiigner - 'After Party'
  186. Lucius - 'Goodnight, Irene'
  187. Arctic Monkeys - 'One Point Perspective'
  188. Sunflower Bean - 'Burn It'
  189. Titus Andronicus - 'Number One (In New York)'
  190. Simian Mobile Disco - 'A Perfect Swarm'
  191. Mackenzie Nicole - 'Thank You'
  192. Cavern Of Anti-Matter - 'Malfunction'
  193. Hookworms - 'The Soft Season'
  194. Belle & Sebastian - 'The Same Star'
  195. Drake - 'Diplomatic Immunity'
  196. Playboi Carti - 'Long Time (Intro)'
  197. Slim Jxmmi - 'Players Club'
  198. Lil Yachty - 'NBA Youngboat'
  199. Rich The Kid - 'World Is Yours'
  200. Three Days Grace - 'Infra-Red'
  201. Rich Brian - 'Occupied'
  202. Justine Skye - 'Wasteland'
  203. Black Veil Brides - 'Vale'