The Neighbourhood Keeps It Slow and Sensual In "The Neighbourhood"

Earlier this year, The Neighbourhood released their short but effective To Imagine EP, adopting electronica openly and slowly building an indie presence around it as it went. It acted as a sort of precursor to their latest album, where electronica is more wholly adopted. The Neighbourhood keeps it slow and sensual in The Neighbourhood, their eponymous record with passion and intimacy deeply ingrained to its sounds.

The Neighbourhood has always had an intimate sound in their music. In this record, everything seems to serve to that motive. The blissful intro of 'Flowers' has a mischievous innocence about it, bringing the album to a nice, lowkey sort of start. Slow and sensual is the album's mood, captured most effectively in 'Nervous,' its sweet melodies sounding wonderful above the gentle track. 'Sadderdaze' also captures the vibe, though in a more dejected fashion.

As much as The Neighbourhood is about intimacy, it's also about the lack of such, especially towards the end of the record. Some tracks, like 'Blue,' is tense and somber, its sensual words blanketed by an empty feeling. 'Reflections' has a twenty one pilots demeanor to it that gives it some added sadness. The album does resolve itself at times, though. Closing track 'Stay With Me' is the most driven track on the record, as if to capture that undying sense of love. The spacey euphoria of 'Softcore' does much the same, really making a powerful soundscape out of a euphoric feeling.

The Neighbourhood keeps it slow and sensual in The Neighbourhood, building upon their growing electronic influence and keeping themselves on their intimate minds. The Neighbourhood is very internal, and while it may seem a bit over the top at times, it channels emotions we all feel at some time.

Favorite Tracks: Softcore, Nervous, Blue, Scary Love

Least Favorite Track: You Get Me So High

Rating: 82 / 100

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