Wiz Khalifa Continues To Show His Lack Of Sense In "Rolling Papers 2"

Wiz Khalifa has long been the epitome of "we get it, you smoke week," but he really hasn't made any efforts to show there's more to him than that. And when he does seem to try, it just ends up being shallow. Wiz Khalifa continues to show his lack of sense in Rolling Papers 2, a new mixtape that continues to equate him to no more than a fool.

It's hard to say for certain whether listening to Wiz Khalifa rap endlessly about weed and women is either sad or hilariously ignorant, and nothing about Rolling Papers 2 helps you get closer to an answer. Title track 'Rolling Papers 2' even sees him acting like a hero just because he smokes weed, as if he's doing the world a service in doing so. After the fine, inoffensive opening track 'Hot Now,' Wiz immediately launches into the expected lyrics about - you guessed it - smoking. The entire first half of the record is almost exclusively about weed and smoking and how much better that makes him, and at this point it's neither cool or new; it's redundant.

The guests do this record few favors. There exists only two scenarios on this album: the guests are good and Wiz Khalifa brings them down, or the guests help ruin the songs. The first scenario is fairly rare, but it does happen. Most notably is on 'Mr. Williams' with THEMXXNLIGHT and Curren$y, where the features help give off a vibe similar to The Weeknd, but then Wiz hops on and drives the track straight into the ground. On the opposite site, Wiz isn't the worst part of every song. The late Jimmy Wopo's contribution to the track is literally just a ripoff of Cardi B's 'Bodak Yellow.'  And Snoop Dogg's part at the end of 'Penthouse' is unacceptable by every mark. Wiz does start to show some promise by the end of the record in various places, though. 'Rain' with PARTYNEXTDOOR actually captures a really nice vibe as the duo collaborate, Wiz adopting a pretty nice flow. A similar structure follows in 'Karate' with Chevy Woods, but 'Never Hesitate' ruins it as Darrius Willrich just says a bunch of words that don't make sense. THEMXXNLIGHT returns at the end for a few electronic-influenced tracks that have interesting beats but not the meaning to carry them, and even when there is meaning, like in 'B Ok,' it just feels like a cheap Macklemore copy.

Wiz Khalifa continues to show his lack of sense in Rolling Papers 2 as he relies on the wrong people and subjects to make a splash. There's better ways of rapping about weed and smoking, if you so choose to make that your niche (which I highly don't recommend), but Wiz doesn't seem to care. It's all about being on top; or, at least, thinking you're on top when you're really far at the bottom, but too high to know otherwise.

Favorite Track: Rain

Least Favorite Track: Penthouse

Rating: 44 / 100

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