The Prodigy Explode With Energy In "No Tourists"

The Prodigy requires a sort of acquired taste to really understand. Their blend of electronica and EDM with punk and rock has made them one of their genre’s more unique artists, but their strive never faded, even with as seemingly jarring their sound may be. The Prodigy explode with energy in No Tourists, their new record that truly does not hold back.

No Tourists takes no time to get going. Opening track ‘Need Some1‘ starts things off with a lot of energy and punch, with enough dynamic and drive to it to exhaust you just after the one track. The Prodigy doesn’t stop there, though. Every track is like one punch after another, ‘Light Up The Sky‘ following up with even more energy and ‘Timebomb Zone‘ later on bringing some urgent intensity. Even while No Tourists may seem like an onslaught of constant drive and big synths, there’s a lot of dynamic to it that keeps it interesting.

That dynamic makes for a diverse listen, but it doesn’t always work as they’d hope it would. Tracks like ‘Fight Fire With Fire‘ with Ho99o9 has this weird but intense atmosphere to it that’s a bit jarring; its metallic synths and raging delivery make it sound like a chaotic Death Grips track, and that doesn’t quite fit in with No Tourists. Other tracks that stray from the norms are much more present on the record, like the almost cinematic title track ‘No Tourists‘ and its dark sort of funk. The end of the record starts getting weird in suiting ways, like with the anger of ‘Boom Boom Tap‘ and the chaos of ‘Resonate.’ Closing track ‘Give Me A Signal‘ with Barns Courtney takes the record out in a huge way, with more of an EDM atmosphere than anything else.

The Prodigy explode with energy in No Tourists, bringing dynamic tracks for a powerful and driven album. There’s a lot going on within the record, but The Prodigy’s normal chaos almost normalizes this a bit. Go in expecting chaos and you’ll definitely be happy with what you find.

Favorite Track: Give Me A Signal

Least Favorite Track: Fight Fire With Fire

Rating: 70 / 100

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