Takeoff Doesn't Land In "The Last Rocket"

We’ve officially seen every member of Migos take on their own solo project. Last Halloween, Offset joined 21 Savage and Metro Boomin for their collaborative Without Warning, which was admittedly pretty solid. Last month, Quavo dropped his messy debut record QUAVO HUNCHO. There’s only one Migo left, and he’s continuing the disappointing trend. Takeoff doesn’t land in The Last Rocket, his debut studio album that lacks any punch.

Takeoff sets the scene to kick off The Last Rocket, ‘Martian,’ a dramatic track that does a pretty good job of getting the album going, but unfortunately the rest of the album doesn’t quite keep that going. ‘She Gon Wink‘ immediately follows up, going straight back into the basic, boring tracks you’d expect would come from him. ‘None To Me‘ continues with much the same dullness, the beat and flow entirely just monotonous and repetitive.

After listening to all these solo albums, you start to understand that Migos’ popularity might’ve really gotten to its members. All Takeoff does in ‘I Remember‘ is literally say that he remembers, without ever even saying what is is he’s remembering. It’s probably meant to be some allusion to sex or a specific night, but this is truly just embarrassing. ‘Lead The Wave‘ is no better; Takeoff makes absolutely no sense in any of these songs. Even the album’s finale, ‘Bruce Wayne,‘ is incredibly dull and closes the album with absolutely no hype. It’s like Takeoff took a bunch of Migos demos (which are mostly filler songs at this point) and released them under his own name, because there is literally nothing to take away from this album.

Takeoff doesn’t land in The Last Rocket, though that’s not entirely surprising given the track record of his family in Migos. It’s literally just boring beats, nonsensical lyrics, and absolutely no passion. The album peaks with the very first track, and from there it’s just a downward spiral.

Favorite Track: Martian

Least Favorite Track: I Remember

Rating: 42 / 100

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