cupcakKe Brings Her Best On "Ephorize"

cupcakKe isn't typically considered one of the lead contenders in the world of hip-hop, but she's gunning for the top. cupcakKe brings her best on Ephorize, surprising everyone only familiar with her memey antics.

Ephorize opens up unexpectedly dramatically with '2 Minutes,' the darker, dejected piano beat giving off a real underdog vibe. The song establishes that cupcakKe knows that she isn't considered one of the best, but that she's worked hard and through that she can accomplish her goals. A similar sentiment builds 'Wisdom Teeth,' though with more aggression, a more energetic beat (which has a bunch of little details to keep you involved), and a vicious flow, while in 'Self Interview,' she takes a more reserved and reflective stance as she discusses self-doubt. cupcakKe exercises her flow a lot throughout the record, trying out different things and really showing her talent: swift and harsh delivery atop the jagged beat of 'Cartoons' helps make the already creative song even better, a more fun and ambiguous tone on 'Crayons' makes he old school party beat all the more energizing, and a poppier yet more knowledgable cadence in 'Total' gives the listener a better idea of her character.

While Ephorize is overall very solid, it's not perfect. There are a few places where the songs do feel like they miss that magic touch she establishes on many of the other songs, particularly during the end of the record: the run from 'Post Pic' to 'Single While Taken' just lacks a certain punch that the rest of the record had even if the emotion is clear and there. cupcakKe's over-the-top sexual lyricism derails the record at a couple of points, including in 'Duck Duck Goose' (though the beat is awesome) and the vivid details of 'Spoiled Milk Titties.' There are many songs, like in 'Self Interview,' where the sexual overtones have a very different message to them, so hearing these songs really does just throw the listener off. She is evidently a very creative songwriter, as seen in songs like 'Cartoons' and 'Exit,' and knows how to have fun with her music, as seen in the fun, Spanish-influenced closer 'Fullest.' And nothing can truly say how incredible 'Cinnamon Toast Crunch' is; it's nonchalant, lackadaisical, yet still fun and fresh vibe really summarizes cupcakKe.

cupcakKke brings her best on Ephorize, starting 2018 with vigor. While not perfect, Ephorize shows that cupcakKe is much more than just a meme rapper. She has talent and knows how to create better songs than a lot of the current artists in hip-hop. While extreme at times, it's all part of her character, and you can't ask for much more from an artist that to be themselves and be confident in that.

Favorite Tracks: Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cartoons, Wisdom Teeth

Least Favorite Tracks: Spoiled Milk Titties, Duck Duck Goose

Rating: 73 / 100

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