Caroline Rose Keeps Herself Grounded In "Loner"

A lot of music sings of specific scenarios, sometimes ones the artist only dreams of. Caroline Rose is all about keeping it real, though. She's not focussing on what could be, but rather, what is. Caroline Rose keeps herself grounded in Loner, her indie sound making sure to not wander far off the path of reality.

There's a specific raw sound in Rose's indie tones on Loner that helps her achieve the sound she seeks to achieve. Mixing dinky electronic lines with the carefree indie chords really captures that easy-going vibe but still carries the conscious awareness of the album. Opening track 'More Of The Same' excellently introduces the album with that exact mentality, its staccato guitar line giving the song a lot of drive. The song that perhaps captures Rose's intention best is 'Jeannie Becomes A Mom,' in which it really feels like life is thrust upon her in a quick and brutal fashion, as is the case for a lot of people as they come into the world.

There's a lot of personality throughout Loner that adds to Rose's aesthetic. There's a rebellious side to her which shines through in the rambunctious 'Soul No. 5' and the chastising, almost satirical 'Bikini.' It really feels like she wants to stand up against the realities of life with her challenging attitude in 'Money,' where she really adopts a a confident swagger to drive her point ahead. The punchier synths and bolder drive of 'Cry!' also helps build her presence. Loner isn't a one-sided page. The seething end of 'Animal' even gives the record a bit of an edgy taste before it ends.

Caroline Rose keeps herself grounded in Loner, staying true to reality and not being afraid to stand up against it. It has personality and a relatable anger to it, capturing Rose's intent effectively and powerfully.

Favorite Tracks: Jeannie Becomes A Mom, Money

Least Favorite Track: Smile! AKA Schizodrift Jam 1 AKA Bikini Intro

Rating: 74 / 100

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