Slipknot Return With Charged New Single 'All Out Life'

It’s been a couple years since Slipknot last released new music, Corey Taylor having been busy with his other projects (namely Stone Sour). It’s finally time for Slipknot to take the lead again, and ahead of their next record, they’ve come back in a big way. Slipknot return with a charged new single, ‘All Out Life,’ where the band’s rage helps deliver a political message.

‘All Out Life’ has all that you’d expect from Slipknot in 2018. A thick, distorted riff and pounding drums introduce the track before Taylor comes in screaming angrily. The track comes with spiraling, unstoppable drive, the choruses big and angry as Taylor lashes out against the state of the music industry: “Old does not mean dead, new does not mean best.“ The track is all about being against the idea that whatever the latest thing is, whether it be music or a trend, is automatically labeled as being the best, that rage translating nicely into the song. The bridge of the track is this brooding march, Taylor taking to a megaphone to raise a call to arms: “I will not celebrate mediocrity. I will not worship empty shells. I will not listen to worthless noises. I will not subject myself to selected predictable choices. My time, my attention, my quality should not be bought and sold for convenience's sake, ever!“ It’s Slipknot as you’d expect, from thrilling, scaring riffs to a harrowing message.

The music video for the song is gory and chaotic - pretty much what you’d expect from the band. The first scene pans over a man laying in a pool of blood as more blood is subsequently poured over him (you can never have too much blood in a Slipknot video). The video continues, following masked convicts as they run from the bus they were on and cause havoc, eventually being beaten down by figures in black robes. Things just get more gory and intense from there. The video itself doesn’t really seem to follow the same message as the song, but it’s a very Slipknot-y way of portraying oppression and chaos.

Slipknot return with a charged new single ‘All Out Life,’ the band coming back in top form as they bash the music industry. Given it’s Halloween, there’s not a more appropriate day to kick off a new era for the band, and seeing how contemporary and channeled this anger is, their next effort is bound to make a big statement.

Rating: 74 / 100

Video Rating: 70 / 100

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