Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson Sound Perfectly In Sync In "Apart"

While indie songwriter Pete Yorn and Hollywood A-list Scarlett Johansson may seem like a strikingly odd pairing, their music says otherwise. Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson sound perfectly in sync in Apart, their new collaborative EP that sees both of them tackle some personal subjects that follows up to 2009's Break Up.

Apart isn't really that remarkable with the subjects it tackles, but its perhaps the execution that's most surprising. The synergy between Yorn and Johansson are what sell the record. The duo switch off on vocal duty in nearly every song, providing for two perspectives to unite as one in a very nice way, particularly in single 'Bad Dreams.' It's a mid-tempo indie pop song, Johansson adding a bit of a rasp into her voice as the chorus cries, "Pessimistic as it seems sleep will never come that easy / We will always have bad dreams." Yorn's weathered timbre pairs in a wonderful dichotomy with Johansson's more warm delivery.

There's quite a bit of ground covered in this short EP. It's introduced by the warm funk of 'Iguana Bird,' which builds from a relaxing, almost ambient piece into a more energetic, euphoric dream. Things get atmospheric in 'Movies,' where Pete Yorn really takes things over. The slow piece reverberates hauntingly, the cinematic strings providing a perfect noir background. 'Cigarillo' brings the duo's written music to an inoffensive end, but not before a remix of Yorn's 'Tomorrow' featuring Johansson combines his indie tones with an electronic soundscape ends the record.

Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson sound perfectly in sync in Apart, a short EP that has a lot of textures in it and shows the pairing is almost like a match made in heaven. There's nothing amazing in the record, but it definitely serves as an interesting look into what may possibly be ahead.

Favorite Track: Bad Dreams

Least Favorite Track: Cigarillo

Rating: 70 / 100

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