Young The Giant Battle Their Own Perception In "Mirror Master"

It’s not always easy to accept yourself. Everyone has flaws, and you know yours best. Young The Giant face that idea in their newest record. Young The Giant battle their own perception in Mirror Master, an honest and real new album that really digs deep.

As personal as Mirror Master is, it does well to keep its cool. Opening track ‘Superposition‘ brings the record to a chill start with a cool drive, not being to overbearing right at the start. ‘Simplify’ follows up with a little more energy but still keeping things calm. There’s a lot of these sort of vibes throughout the album, each coming with its own unique vibe. ‘Darkest Shade Of Blue‘ is a super chill, if not a bit sad indie track, while ‘Heat Of The Summer‘ stays relaxed yet comes with a distinct warmth.

While Young The Giant keep things chill, they don’t stray away from real emotion. Mirror Master is full of joy and sadness, and often on the opposite sides of the spectrum. ‘Call Me Back‘ is subtle, understanding yet heartbroken at the same time. ‘Oblivion,’ on the other hand, is a warmer and sweeter track that builds with passion and energy. ‘Glory‘ is one of the saddest songs on the record, the torn melodies pairing painfully with the sad, dejected lyrics. Young The Giant hit both ends of emotion here, and they do so flawlessly.

Young The Giant battle their own perception in Mirror Master, facing insecurities while still remembering the good times. It’s a great album to unwind with mentally, providing both some warm songs to take you make to the good moments and some sad ones to comfort you when you need them.

Favorite Tracks: Glory, Darkest Shade Of Blue

Least Favorite Track: Simplify

Rating: 77 / 100

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