Anna Burch Takes A Simple Approach To "Quit The Curse"

In indie, an unassuming, curious tone can really make for an endearing album. Endearing doesn't always mean great, however. Anna Burch takes a simple approach to Quit The Curse and while keeping it innocent and inoffensive, doesn't do much to maintain interest.

There truly isn't much to Quit The Curse. It's like that girl down the straight - completely standard but still pretty tempting all at the same time. The record begins gently, '2 Cool 2 Care' just as lackadaisical as you'd expect with its title. The lyrics aren't anything overly special, Burch singing "You scare me with your indifference / I like you best when you're a mess," finding herself in an unfavorably position but trying her best to stay positive. The 1960's girl-group vibe is established well with this song, falsettos and harmonies to boot. 'Belle Isle' is one of the few songs that takes that sound and makes it a bit more unique, adding a paradisiacal, almost country aspect to it with a slow moving, relaxing vibe.

While Quit The Curse undoubtedly has its place and has an established sound, yet the sound does feel a bit tired after awhile. Third track 'Asking 4 A Friend' is one of the moodier songs on the record, but with its niche sound it just feels a bit dull. That's a sentiment that remains true for the entire record, more or less. There's not a song that's intrinsically bad, but there are plenty of songs that simply just don't grab you because there's a certain dullness to it. If you're not paying attention you might find yourself in the middle of the next song without even realizing. The few that break the trend, like 'Belle Isle' and closing track 'With You Every Day' with its almost grungey chords and sweet harmonies will snap your attention back, but that's not really an effect you want to have in this case.

Anna Burch takes a simple approach to Quit The Curse, and it works for better and for worse. It does a great job of bringing an old style back to the present and placing a modern touch to it. It also, however, fails to really grab its listener for a lot of its run time, and while relaxing, does little to make sure you can relax and ponder over the same time. Listening to Quit The Curse is like a walk on a humid day: warm, but not quite the fuzzy warmth you'd much rather be feeling.

Favorite Track: Belle Isle

Least Favorite Track: Asking 4 A Friend

Rating: 69 / 100

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