Pianos Become The Teeth Build Longing Vibes In "Wait For Love"

Good things come to those who wait, as the saying goes, even if what you need to wait for is the thing you want the most. Pianos Become The Teeth build longing vibes in Wait For Love, an album all about loss and waiting for that one person to come to you, a feeling that we all know well.

An important aspect to Pianos Become The Teeth's music has always been its atmosphere, the reverberating chords that lead into choruses at times epic, and at other times heartwrenching. In Wait For Love, the atmosphere is perhaps the single most important aspect of the album, as it defines what each song is about. From the giant, anthemic drums of opening track 'Fake Lighting' and 'Bitter Red' that scream of somewhat hopeful optimism to the cavernous chords of 'Forever Sound' that finds its drums and dark progressions trying to put its pieces back together, the atmosphere is everything. And whatever that soundscape may be, you're thrust right into the center of it, ensuring every ounce of emotion hits you as it is meant to.

The concept of waiting is very well represented by the music. Wait For Love is, unsurprisingly, about love, and some tracks like 'Charisma' really capture the pain of having to live on without it. The song has a huge alternative presence, perhaps a bigger alternative sound than you'd expect from them, but as the song slowly comes to a big close with the wild instrumentation and the wailing "and what a way you won me over," that infatuation that we've all come to know at some point on our lives really setting in heavily. 'Bay Of Dreams' screams of similar loneliness, its depressing and empty sound giving way to a submissive stance to love. Closing track 'Blue' swells like a wave, having its peak and then its builds, ending the album on an important message: the long wait is going to last awhile, and just when things feel like they're getting closer, the opposite may be true. But all you can do is keep holding on.

Waiting is definitely one of the hardest trials we as people must face, and the hardest thing to wait for is love. Pianos Become The Teeth build longing vibes in Wait For Love, making all the emotions you face in these times come to sonic life through the album, from infatuation to depression. It's hard to wait, but if there's anything to take away from this album, it's that there's nothing more we can do but just that: wait, and keep waiting until you get there.

Favorite Tracks: Forever Sound, Fake Lighting, Charisma

Least Favorite Track: Dry Spells

Rating: 77 / 100

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