Mumford & Sons Dive Deep In Their New Record "Delta"

Mumford & Sons aren’t often the band you think of when you want some introspective indie, but their latest record shows a huge turn. Mumford & Sons dive deep in their new record Delta, digging into their emotions to deliver some very powerful tracks.

There are two sides of Delta: a more optimistic, warm side and a darker, dramatic one. Opening track ‘42‘ is on the more dramatic side, the cautionary intro offering up more uncertainty about moving forward than anything else. Later on in the records, tracks like ‘Darkness Visible‘ echo the dramatic and uncertain nature of the intro, followed by ‘If I Say‘ which is like a plea; a final call in hopes someone they care about won’t go. ‘Wild Heart‘ is more somber, ‘Forever‘ following with a bit more positivity and some beautiful lyrics (the chorus sweetly cries, “So love with your eyes / Love with your mind / Love with your / Dare I stay forever“). Closing track - the eponymously titled ‘Delta‘ - ends off the album beautifully, a dramatic yet emotionally build taking the album to its finale.

The optimistic side of Delta is much more assuring. ‘Guiding Light‘ at the start of the record brings warm optimism after the uncertainty of the opener, before ‘Woman‘ continues with a much more reassuring nature to it. ‘Beloved‘ brings this huge, warm atmosphere with it that builds up awesomely towards the end. Mumford & Sons even sound heroic, if not anthemic in ‘The Wild,’ as if the freedom of nature was the inspiration for the track, its loud and proud tones giving off great vibes. Even ‘Slip Away,’ which comes with a more worried message, has a huge build to it that fills you with emotions. Mumford & Sons gave it their all in this record.

Mumford & Sons dive deep in their new record Delta, bringing big, sweeping, emotional builds and a wide range of emotion to the table for a surprisingly powerful record. Mumford & Sons have definitely stepped up their game with this one, and it’s a welcome direction.

Favorite Tracks: If I Say, Beloved, Forever

Least Favorite Track: October Skies

Rating: 78 / 100

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