Noah Cyrus Shows Her Dynamic In Debut EP "Good Cry"

Noah Cyrus has been rising up to her moment since she released her first singles last year, including Labrinth collaboration ‘Make Me (Cry).’ Now prepping for an album and tour, Cyrus has released her first EP in anticipation of both. Noah Cyrus shows her dynamic in her debut EP Good Cry, showing that she has a lot to offer even as a rising artist.

Good Cry gives a great overlook at what Cyrus has to offer. Borrowing both from her father Billy Ray Cyrus in terms of storytelling and from her sister Miley Cyrus in terms of energy. Opening track ‘Where Have You Been?‘ opens the record up on a bittersweet note, the gentle keyboard and background ambience supporting her slow, but reflective lyrics. The way the harmonies seem to “catch up” to her is euphoric and haunting in a way before the big, powerful beats . ‘Mad At You‘ - in collaboration with Gallant - continues the dramatic vibes, but with a full gospel empowering Cyrus’ vocals. Title track ‘Good Cry‘ and ‘Punches‘ with LP are a bit more fun and have some more energy to them, showing that she’s not only about the sad song vibe. Closing number ‘Topanga‘ ends the record on an intimate note, showcasing a bit more of her roots to end the record off personally.

Noah Cyrus shows her dynamic in her debut EP Good Cry, showing her real potential as an artist. She can get personal yet have fun as well, and is definitely has a fruitful career ahead of her.

Favorite Track: Where Have You Been?

Least Favorite Track: Sadness

Rating: 75 / 100

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