Now, Now Take On An Electronic Sound In "Saved"

Now, Now was one of those bands that brought an interesting tone to indie music. They're continuing to progress their sound with their new record. Now, Now take on an electronic sound in Saved and build a new voice out of their new elements.

The electronic elements in Saved are undoubtedly its prime feature, as far as the music goes. Now, Now uses the electronica to build atmosphere and add texture to their songs' meanings. 'Window,' for example, is a huge song with giant atmosphere that truly makes it something awe-inspiring. The blissful sounds of 'Holy Water' brings an 80s vibe to the mix to add color to the record, its messages of temptation becoming more enticing as it progresses. The spiraling sounds of 'Can't Help Myself' make it enthralling, as well.

The overall mood of Saved speaks wonders, too. There's an almost nostalgic vibe to the music, taking you back to some fond memories. Opening track 'SGL' takes its sound straight out of 2007 alternative pop, its upbeat, energetic, yet somber vibe sending a lot of emotions. 'MJ' follows with a similarly upbeat and poppy vibe. The more average songs 'Knowme' and 'Set It Free' may be a bit dull, but even they have a specific emotion. Saved gets more sensual as the record progresses, culminating in the ethereal 'P0WDER' to close out.

Now, Now take on an electronic sound in Saved, adding texture to a nostalgic record. Their music feels like it has a new atmosphere that keeps the message alive from start to end, and even adds emotion to the fragile soundscape.

Favorite Tracks: Window, SGL, Can't Help Myself

Least Favorite Track: Set It Free

Rating: 76 / 100

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