Dave Matthews Band Keep It Close To Home In "Come Tomorrow"

Dave Matthews Band is one of the world's most beloved bands, but even they know to keep their music alive, they have to feel it. Dave Matthews Band keep it close to home in Come Tomorrow, their latest album that does a lot of reflecting to make a better future.

A lot of reflection occurs within the music of Come Tomorrow. Opening track 'Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)' brings the album to a nostalgic start as Dave Matthews sings longingly and warmly about the past. The warm instrumental supports the mood with drive as well, giving the record an energetic start. While songs like 'Virginia In The Rain' have the same wavey drive that screams reflection, none hits as close to home as 'Idea Of You.' It's like the perfect homecoming song, an underdog vibe carrying the song strong.

There's more than just a vibe that makes Come Tomorrow feel so familiar. The gorgeous orchestra of 'Here On Out' makes it that much more emotional, and when it follows up with the very grassroots 'That Girl Is You,' its like a double whammy of memories. 'Do You Remember' appeals to perhaps the earliest memories, its childlike delivery really giving it a fun vibe. Then there's the more somber moments, like the pleading 'Come On Come On' and the weathered, tired title track 'Come Tomorrow' that sounds broken from past experiences. It all hits upon a very personal place, which makes the music all the more powerful.

Dave Matthews Band keep it close to home in Come Tomorrow, a raw effort that sees Matthews draw upon the past to look hopefully into the future. It's full of jams, memories, and nostalgia, and that's a combination that never goes wrong.

Favorite Tracks: Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin), She

Least Favorite Track: Bkdkdkdd

Rating: 75 / 100

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