Anna Calvi Shows Her Confidence In "Hunter"

A powerful woman in music means a powerful artist. Anna Calvi is here to prove that with her newest record, which is all about her own power. Anna Calvi shows her confidence in Hunter, an empowering and challenging record that shows the true ferocity of a confident woman.

You can tell right from the start of Hunter that Calvi means business. 'As A Man' opens up the record on a haunting note, steadily growing bigger with more anger and strive. Calvi's conviction toward her message is present from the very start, that angry and biting attitude carrying on throughout the record in numbers including the brooding, tantalizing 'Alpha' with its wild ending and the rock n' roll attitude of 'Chain.'

Though Calvi has a very specific attitude in this record, she doesn't step away from trying other things. Title track 'Hunter' has a very unique vibe to it, its pretty strings and contemptuous but resistant vocal delivery coming together for something pretty unique. Some tracks are more laidback, like 'Swimming Pool' and 'Don't Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy,' a chill but low-key anthemic with huge vocals that empowers and encourages. The album doesn't end quite as energetically as much of the rest of the record is with 'Eden,' but the calmness really ties it up with a mature, reserved vibe.

Anna Calvi shows her confidence in Hunter, building rebellious but encouraging tracks made to empower women and other people in similar scenarios. It's dynamic in both sound and meaning, and certainly offers a lot to the listener.

Favorite Track: As A Man

Least Favorite Track: Swimming Pool

Rating: 72 / 100

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