Waxahatchee Gets Intimate In Her Stripped Down "Great Thunder" EP

Waxahatchee is a notable force in the world of indie music, her diversity showing throughout her discography. Her last record Out Of The Storm was full of rockier, indie jams, but her latest effort shows a different side to her. Waxahatchee gets intimate in her stripped down Great Thunder EP, focussing more on her storytelling rather than the energy.

Waxahatchee always has a way of telling stories in a beautiful way, but Great Thunder really emphasizes that. The stripped down format allows for the lyrics to take centerstage, and from the sweet beginnings with ‘Singer’s No Star’ that becomes immediately clear. Her vocals and lyrics are sweet though somewhat pessimistic, a theme that carries over to the next song, the relaxing ‘You’re Welcome,’ which opens with the broken line: “I cried all night when you came to my side.“ Other tracks take a more metaphorical approach, like ‘You Left Me With An Ocean,’ which keeps the sweet approach but is noticeably more somber. Closing track ‘Takes So Much’ leaves the album on a painfully honest note, a painful offering to take on someone’s pain unconditionally.

Waxahatchee gets intimate in her stripped down Great Thunder EP, showing off her lyricism and really getting deep with her emotions. It’s an EP that’s easy to take in on the surface but has many sad, powerful messages when you really listen in.

Favorite Track: Takes So Much

Least Favorite Track: Slow You Down

Rating: 73 / 100

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