Minus The Bear Say Farewell In Their Final EP "Fair Enough"

Earlier this year, Minus The Bear announced that they would be embarking on their final tour as a band, and would be releasing one final EP before they called it quits. The tour is underway, and the band has delivered their final work as a band. Minus The Bear say farewell in their final EP Fair Enough, addressing their pains once more before taking things out with hope.

There’s a progression to Fair Enough that seems to paint the story of the band through a story. Title track ‘Fair Enough‘ introduces the album on a distinctly sad note, the fast drive sounding more like a plea than anything else. ‘Viaduct‘ follows up with a lot more pure energy and fast-paced beats carrying it forward. ‘Dinosaur‘ becomes more introspective, as if Minus The Bear were entering their past for the first time instead of being angry at the present. The album closes on a remix of ‘Invisible‘ from last year’s VOIDS, done by Sombear. It’s a subtle remix, but its the atmosphere of it that really ties this album up. It’s a positive, upbeat farewell to an era, freeing and having fun for the first time on the album. And just how Minus The Bear is saying farewell, the song ends on a note where you can almost picture the band members moving forward with warm thoughts at heart.

Minus The Bear say farewell in their final PE Fair Enough, mirroring their career in the progression of the record while also noting that they will move on for the better and happily. It’s a short goodbye, but a fitting one all the same.

Favorite Track: Fair Enough

Least Favorite Track: Viaduct

Rating: 74 / 100

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