Alessia Cara Faces Her World In "The Pains Of Growing"

Everyone knows that with age comes experience, but not all those experiences we have are welcome. We learn as we feel pain and love, the harshest scenarios teaching us the most important lessons. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with it all, as Alessia Cara documents in her newest record. Alessia Cara faces her world in The Pains Of Growing, her long-awaited sophomore album that shows it’s not easy growing up.

Cara rose to fame for her unapologetic personality and cautious yet optimistic approach to her music. While life may have changed her, it certainly hasn’t taken away what she’s already got: opening track ‘Growing Pains‘ opens the record with a huge vibe, the big “take yourself back” vibe bringing the album to an empowering start. Cara encourages her listeners to not let life get the best of them, as hard as it may be: honest tracks like the chill ‘I Don’t Want To‘ let her level with fans on that level. Songs like ‘7 Days‘ with its sweet poppy synths and ‘Trust My Lonely‘ with its alternate drive keep pushing the idea of moving forward, not letting things get the best of you.

While Cara ensures that you should keep your head held up high, she knows it’s impossible to always escape reality. Somber tracks like the honest plea of ‘Out Of Love‘ and ‘A Little More‘ show that not everything is okay in Cara’s life: she goes through heartbreak and disappointment as much as the next person. Sweeter, romantic moments like ‘Comfortable‘ or ‘Nintendo Game‘ bring more color to the record, Cara adding dynamic to this moment in her life. Songs like ‘Not Today‘ even start off feeling down but eventually takes itself back to promise good times are coming. The album ends big with ‘Easier Said,’ its dejected lyrics still looking forward with energy before closing track ‘Growing Pains (Reprise)‘ ends things reflectively.

Alessia Cara faces her world in The Pains Of Growing, being honest about the rollercoaster of emotions she faces in her life while still moving forward. If one thing has always been clear about Cara’s music, it’s that even when life has you down, all you can do is keep looking forward: it’s okay to not be okay, as the light at the end of the tunnel is never far away.

Favorite Track: I Don’t Want To

Least Favorite Track: Girl Next Door

Rating: 74 / 100

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