BROCKHAMPTON Get Personal In New Album "Iridescence"

BROCKHAMPTON has quickly risen to fame, hip-hop’s modern boy-band earning themselves a cult following. Despite the hardships the faced this year with misconduct accusations and more, the boys have geared up to release a powerful new record. BROCKHAMPTON get personal in their new album Iridescence, tackling their problems and inner demons in one dynamic experience.

Even when dealing with some of their most personal material, BROCKHAMPTON find the inspiration to keep things fresh. The music on Iridescence is, as you’d expect it, very different from what everyone else in hip-hop is doing. Aggressive beats like the grime-esque ‘WHERE THE CASH AT‘ are in perfect harmony with sweeter, more stripped down efforts like ‘TAPE.’ Songs that seemingly contrast each other are in perfect accord with each other on the record, really showing off BROCKHAMPTON’s abilities to keep their music moving forward. From the dark start of ‘NEW ORLEANS‘ the the calmer origin story ‘SAN MARCOS,’ BROCKHAMPTON don’t sacrifice even the smallest bit of creativity for the sake of anything.

Iridescence really shines when BROCKHAMPTON get personal. Despite tracks like ‘BERLIN‘ sounding big and glamorous, there’s a real struggle hidden within Iridescence. ‘WEIGHT‘ is one of the first to really hit hard, its fast beat and quick production style providing the backdrop for a powerful track. This track is about the weight of their inner demons, Kevin Abstract‘s verse unveiling a powerful inner dialogue while Joba‘s final hook really lays down the gravity of the track: “Pressure makes me lash back, wish I could get past that / I can't take a step back, makes me wish you'd pass that.“ ‘DISTRICT‘ continues the commentary on inner-demons, though this time the aggressive and jagged beat paints how unpredictable depression can be, with Joba crying out, “Praise God, hallelujah! I'm still depressed / At war with my conscience, paranoid, can't find that shit.” ‘TONYA‘ uncovers the group’s insecurities, before ‘FABRIC‘ takes the record out on a dark note.

BROCKHAMPTON get personal in their new album Iridescence, detailing their depression and difficulties in life in harrowing, honest detail. Not only does this record keep giving on the dynamic end, but it connects with the fans in an honest way - and you can’t go wrong with that.


Least Favorite Track: LOOPHOLE

Rating: 79 / 100

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