Alison Wonderland Shows The Best Of EDM In "Awake"

EDM is growing increasingly extensive as days go by, already separated into a variety of styles that fit more and more specific needs. It's hard to find an album or artist that really ties everything together and serves as a culminate example of the genre. Someone has finally come close, though: Alison Wonderland shows the best of EDM in Awake, her new album that stays modern and diverse to really capture all aspects of electronica.

Awake really has a nice diversity throughout it, primarily bouncing between hardstyle and a more approachable pop style. The urgent intro 'Good Enough' brings things to a great start with its orchestral build up, the drama foreshadowing big things ahead. It leads right into 'No,' a much less active song full of nice melodies and a chill vibe. The songs with good vibes are the highlights of the record, the good, lackadaisical 'Easy' and the slow, calm, and ethereal ending 'Awake' being great examples of this.

The more active songs are bangers as well, as they'd have to be to make sure the album lived up to expectations. The drops can get pretty crazy and reckless at times, 'Okay' being the first song to really bring a big rave vibe. The same is true for the drop of 'Happy Place,' though the lyrics can be a bit much at times. Lots of bass dominates 'High' with Trippie Redd, while the big anthemic presence of gives the album a very easily accessible gateway.

Alison Wonderland shows the best of EDM in Awake, her new album that captures a lot of the electronic scene and isn't afraid to go out of her comfort zone. Not every song hits the nail on the head, but it provides a great overall look at what the genre is all about, especially for those unfamiliar with the extensiveness of the world of EDM.

Favorite Tracks: Awake, Easy, Church

Least Favorite Track: Dreamy Dragon

Rating: 74 / 100

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