Justine Skye's "Ultraviolet" Doesn't Separate Her From Other R&B Women

The women of R&B have definitely carved out a spot for themselves, though some of them may be getting a bit too comfortable where they're standing. There's not many artists pushing the boundaries or trying something new - or just simply different - from anyone else in the genre, and it's really starting to show. Even the newcomers can't seem to shake the shackles of normalcy: Justie Skye's Ultraviolet doesn't separate her form other R&B women by sticking to the status quo and delivering more of an already saturated sound.

Skye has a lot of potential to shake things up, and it shows in her music. She has this badass-yet-sensitive vibe about her that really isn't shown by many others around her. Opening track 'Wastelands' really shows it, cooly introducing her to her audience. She lets herself be more vulnerable and honest on following track 'Goodlove,' even if it is a bit more standard. The dark beats on 'Lil' Boy' also stand out, showing off her more aggressive side, making for a very nice sound.

The problem is that almost every track on Ultraviolet is weighed down by sticking too close to the standard formula. Single 'Heaven' is perhaps the most standard of the bunch, coming and going leaving you to just shrug it off. Some songs just get plain repetitive, like 'You Got Me' and 'U Don't Know Me' with Wizkid (though the latter has a pretty cool beat to keep it going). She makes movements towards escaping the bubble of normalcy but never quite does, in a sad twist that makes an otherwise great potential new voice fall back into the muddle of others that refuse to escape the norm.

R&B, as I've said in many a review before, is becoming pretty stale. It's taking its toll on new artists, too, as Justine Skye's Ultraviolet doesn't separate her from other R&B women even seeing as its her debut. Perhaps the tide will turn in 2018, but let's hope that phase comes soon, as things will soon start to suffer the consequences if it doesn't.

Favorite Track: Wasteland

Least Favorite Track: You Got Me

Rating: 60 / 100

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