Cavern Of Anti-Matter Explore Groovy Soundscapes In "Hormone Lemonade"

Ambient music is a fine art of sorts, and treads a very fine line between well-done and poorly executed. Cave Of Anti-Matter explore groovy soundscapes in Hormone Lemonade, drawing that line very close but still maintaining something pretty interesting.

What separates Cavern Of Anti-Matter from the rest of the ambient world is the energy in the songs. A lot of ambient pieces sort of drone on dramatically and darkly, which is not the case on Hormone Lemonade. Instead, Cavern Of Anti-Matter employ groove into their vast soundscapes, evident from the very first track 'Malfunction.' The sixteen minute gauntlet channels a lot of different sounds to keep things flowing from start to finish, it's atmosphere giving it an oddly heroic vibe. It's perhaps a bit too long, but the groove at least prevents it from getting stale.

Hormone Lemonade isn't a fast album by any means, but it gets the job done. There's just enough variation to keep things interesting throughout the album, all the while not losing that groovy sense. The groove of the intro track carries into 'Make Out Fake Out,' a much shorter track, thankfully, and again into 'Phase Modulation Shuffle.' After that, a more progressive vibe ensues in 'Solarised Sound.' The album has a great progression of weaving in and out of sounds, a theme that definitely keeps it alive from start to end.

Cavern Of Anti-Matter explore groovy soundscapes in Hormone Lemonade, adding groove into their ambience to make something really special. It's not a star of the ambient genre, but it certainly adds something interesting into the mix.

Favorite Track: Malfunction

Least Favorite Track: Phase Modulation Shuffle

Rating: 66 / 100

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