grandson's Unique Sound Shines In "a modern tragedy, vol. 1"

If there's any newcomers on the block you need to watch out for, it's grandson. The Los Angeles-native is the latest contender in a new wave of genre-less artists, and he's definitely one of the most noteworthy. grandson's unique sound shines in a modern tragedy, vol. 1, his debut EP that packs a big punch.

Perhaps what's most enthralling about grandson is his seemingly lethargic calls for rebellion. There's a certain attitude to his voice that has both a sense of decadence while also caught in a wondrous state. Opening track and single 'Blood // Water' captures this perfectly, his ghastly timbre introducing the track with dark metaphors ("We'll never get free / Lamb to the slaughter... The price of your greed is your son and your daughter") before the big hook comes in with a loud, unique drop introduced by a shrill cry of "when there's blood in the water." The huge drive of 'Stick Up' follows, his guitarist Boonn now taking a more central roll as the rebellious track is led by a thick riff.

The EP only continues to go off the beaten path as it progresses. 'Despicable' is a much more daunting track, the gentle guitar intro leading into a massive drop later on that's both evil and punchy. grandson dives straight in to the heavy in '6:00,' the riffs taking full control as grandson hauntingly chimes "I saw the body drop on the 6 o'clock." Closing track 'Overdose' ties things together perfectly, every aspect of the song pairing wonderfully with grandson's ghastly vibe, from the synths to the message to the drops. If there's one thing you can say about grandson, it's that he knows how to capture a vibe.

grandson's unique sound shines in a modern tragedy, vol. 1, his debut EP that shows that he's able to capture a very unique sound in a genreless generation. It's a powerful EP that not only shows the potential in grandson, but also creates a lot of excitement for whatever he has in store next.

Favorite Tracks: Overdose, Stick Up, Despicable

Least Favorite Track: Blood // Water

Rating: 94 / 100

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