Desiigner Wisens Up In "L.O.D."

Back when Desiigner was first making rounds in 2016, his mixtape New English pretty much defined exactly what he was all about: saying nonsense in a cool way. Two years later, it seems he's finally taken things a bit more seriously with his wording (but not his ad libs). Desiigner wisens up in L.O.D., his new EP that sees him tackle something a bit more profound.

Desiigner sort of disappeared for awhile after his initial hype died down, and his name was more of a memory for the better part of 2017. Throughout L.O.D., he assures us that he hasn't fallen off, though. Most tracks are a comment on the success he's found and how he's living the high life. Opening track 'Priice Tag' is all about the luxuries he's been enjoying now that he's made some money from his music. He continues this theme in 'Tonka,' claiming he's "got a army now."

Meaning-wise, there's not much depth and it's nothing we haven't heard before in times past. What makes L.O.D. stand out for Desiigner is the fact that there are some interesting moments. 'After Party' perhaps isn't the most unique song, but sees Desiigner really go off and exercises his flow in a great way. 'Destiination' even slows things down for a melancholy moment of honesty as he talks about women who try to bring him down ("You want my destination? / You can have my navigation / Hotel reservated / When you call, I won't be there"). There are songs like 'Pop iiT' and closing track 'Hood' that are just entirely dull and don't add anything, but the moments that show Desiigner actually trying something really pay off.

Desiigner wisens up in L.O.D., not fully breaking out into something better than his previous material, but establishes that he's still about to cause some mayhem and that he's not afraid to start branching out. It's a starting place for something more to come, and hopefully he'll keep trying new ideas out - it seems to work wonders.

Favorite Track: After Party

Least Favorite Tracks: Pop iiT, Hood

Rating: 66 / 100

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