Marmozets Reach New, Massive Heights In "Knowing What You Know Now"

When Marmozets broke onto the scene a few years back, there was something raw an unkempt in their wild attitude. They quickly captured the hearts of many waiting for pop punk and punk rock  to gain a new, eager, powerful voice in order to breathe life back into the genres, and were their prayers ever answered. Marmozets are back with their sophomore release, and they get even stronger. Marmozets reach new, massive heights in Knowing What You Know Now, proving again that they are a force to be reckoned with.

"1, 2, 3, play!" is the loud phrase that brings Knowing What You Know Now to a big, upfront start in 'Play' as the verses roll in with punk abode. The choruses come in huge, the drive grand and unstoppable. The epic, evil riffs of 'Habits' follow suit with even bigger riffs and more drive, the calmer, soothing pre-chorus allowing for the contrast of the giant choruses to really explode. And sure enough, the choruses just keep getting bigger, Becca McIntyre really showing off her range as the loud, high 'Meant To Be' rages to life. The energy flows into 'Major System Error' as McIntyre continues to show what she's made of with the very creative lyrics. There isn't a dull moment on Knowing What You Know Now that won't leave you floored in some capacity.

Most importantly of all, Knowing What You Know Now shows progression. Marmozets, while still young, wild, and unabashedly free, so have a bit more maturity to them and have polished around the sharp edges of their music. 'Insomnia' is an eerie, slow beast that grows and swells and explodes in massive, evil waves at just the right times, allowing for just the perfect amount of tension to build. Slow track 'Me & You' is incredibly intimate, the beautiful atmosphere allowing McIntyre's wails for a lost loved one to resonate through your core. The band also know when it's the right time to take things down, such as the more alternative-based 'Start Again.' They know when to be rambunctious, free-spirited, and loud ('Like A Battery' and 'Suffocation' towards the end of the record are vastly different but still all of those) and know when it's time to let the message take charge, such as in closing track 'Run With The Rhythm,' a rejuvenating, uplifting song that brings the album to an end in a fulfilling way.

Marmozets reach new, massive heights in Knowing What You Know Now, making their unforgettable sound even more grand. It's the perfect next step for the freshest, most hopeful sound in punk rock and kicks more life back into the game. There's not a dull moment and there's not a moment that won't leave you floored. 

Favorite Tracks: Habits, Me & You, Run With The Rhythm, Insomnia

Least Favorite Track: Start Again

Rating: 96 / 100

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