Pale Waves Relive Heartbreak and Memories In "My Mind Makes Noises"

We often turn to music to find relief from our everyday struggles, and artists use it as their avenue to release those emotions. Pale Waves relive heartbreak and memories in My Mind Makes Noises, taking things back and answering questions that have haunted them.

The sound of My Mind Makes Noises comes straight out of the mid-2000s, making it the perfect record to connect with those old - or current - high school memories. Opening track ‘Eighteen' kicks it off with just that mood, the poppy alternative rock vibes everyone knew so well from the mid-2000s, the chorus chanting: “I was eighteen when I met you / Poured my heart out, spilt all my truth / I finally felt like I could feel for the first time when I met you,“ taking you straight back to your first love. The vibe is channeled throughout the record, all the way to ‘One More Time‘ with great vibes and even delving into the sadder side of things in tracks like ‘When Did I Lost It All.’

Pale Waves really makes a connection here because the music is all about emotions we all know very well. There’s infatuation, pain, resentment, and more. ‘She‘ is one of the realest tracks on the record, the vibe feeling dreamy but the lyrics full of vengeance and resentful. The lyrics are largely self-doubtful, addressing the emotions she felt when she was cheated on. “I take my clothes off / I'm just staring at myself / You wasn't satisfied enough / So you fucked somebody else“ and “Are you getting off with someone else? / Don't you lie, I can tell / Does she really taste as good as I do“ are lines that really capture the pained, honest mood of the song. Pale Waves keeps things changing throughout the album in subtle ways like this, whether it’s giving off 90’s vibes in ‘Drive‘ or warmer thoughts in ‘Black.’ The record ends on a soft note with ‘Karl (I Wonder What It’s Like To Die),‘ a sweet track but with a bit of an abrupt ending.

Pale Waves relive heartbreak and memories in My Mind Makes Noises, a personal yet relatable record that’ll take you right back to the days of your first love and first heartbreak. These things are never hard to swallow, so knowing that there’s someone who’s experienced these similar emotions is comfort of its own.

Favorite Tracks: Eighteen, She, One More Time

Least Favorite Track: Karl (I Wonder What It’s Like To Die)

Rating: 76 / 100

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