Anne-Marie's Debut "Speak Your Mind" Shows Her True Colors

When your music speaks to who you are as a person, you're doing something right. With just the right amount of flair, Anne-Marie's debut Speak Your Mind shows her true colors and lets her personality take precedence over acceptance.

The best part of Speak Your Mind is without a doubt its personality. Even without knowing much about Anne-Marie, you can tell the music is intrinsically her own. You can feel her spunky swagger in the funky 'Ciao Adios,' where she doesn't let past feelings get the best of her as she takes herself back. 'Perfect' is a super chill song with a glimmer of hope, Anne-Marie's whimsical delivery perfectly aligning with the message of what real perfection is: being yourself. There are moments that are tragic, however, including 'Then,' its nice melodies pulling on your heartstrings.

There's a lot of pop appeal in the record, perhaps in part due to Anne-Marie's openness. Every song really gives an internal look to her person, and by that degree it makes each song that much more relatable. The nostalgia of '2002' is palpable and will have you thinking of similar times, while the collaboration with Marshmello, 'FRIENDS,' roars loud and proud with a Camila Cabello swagger. Opening track 'Cry' is anthemic and big, bringing the album to a great start, reiterated in some solid pop songs like 'Trigger' and 'Heavy.'

Anne-Marie's debut Speak Your Mind shows her true colors as she pours her soul into each song. It's a fun album, as it should be; not every album that looks within has to be sad. Listening to the record, it feels like you get to know Anne-Marie one-on-one, and as a listener you establish a relationship with her as you connect with her experiences.

Favorite Tracks: Ciao Adios, FRIENDS, Perfect

Least Favorite Track: Alarm

Rating: 76 / 100

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