Quavo Gets Too Comfortable In "Quavo Huncho"

As the members of Migos slowly branch out to do their own projects, you really get a feel for who they are. Unfortunately for some, their lack of aptitude ends up showing through. Quavo gets too comfortable in Quavo Huncho, really failing to deliver a worthwhile solo album.

Before digging into what drags Quavo Hunco down, we’ll discuss what it has going for it - even though there’s not much. Opening track ‘Biggest Alley Oop‘ brings the record to a solid start, an inoffensive track that doesn’t really have a big moment but still gets some drive going. ‘Pass Out‘ follows up with a cool beat and a 21 Savage feature, but still falls a bit short despite all of this. From there on out, every track is a give or take kind of case. You either have something that’s coherent or you don’t. There are many okay tracks, like ‘Shine‘ and ‘Workin Me,’ and even some solid beats later on in ‘Go All The Way,’ but there’s not a lot of content to really connect with.

Because of this, Quavo Hunco falls very short. You can definitely tell that Quavo bites off more than he can chew on this record, especially when a Drake feature (on ‘Flip The Switch‘) does nothing for the album. Even Madonna and Cardi B only make ‘Champagne Rosé‘ a tolerable track, Quavo’s delivery and lyrics just continuing to drag the song down while the features have to desperately try and keep it afloat. Some songs are just downright boring, like ‘Give It To Em‘ with Saweetie and ‘Lose It,’ with Lil Baby. To make matters worse, Quavo’s pop culture references (Bhad Bhabie in ‘How Bout That?‘ and Drake’s ‘In My Feelings‘ in ‘Huncho Dreams‘) just come off as cheap knockoffs of the original quotes. And we can’t get even start with the problematic ‘Fuck 12‘ with Offset and ‘Big Bro.’ Quavo ultimately just doesn’t do anything right on this album.

Quavo gets too comfortable in Quavo Huncho, failing to deliver a competent album. Perhaps its the dynamic of Migos that makes them work well, because individually it seems that some of them just can’t take the heat. Perhaps they should stick to their trio for now.

Favorite Track: Lost

Least Favorite Tracks: Fuck 12, Big Bro

Rating: 43 / 100

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